I Found something to do with my Neocities Account!

Soooo.... Neocities...?

Hey does anyone here actually use neocities for anything? I ask because after the FCC throttle announcement I've heard little to nothing from the public at large. Ranted I've also been silent but i'm pretty scatterbrained anyway and no real thing focusing me on a static instead of blog or Google+.

Now I do, because the main site outside of 1d4chan to host Engine Heart's PDF's are down, and so far as I know only the main book is being hosted, leaving the minimods kind of dead in the water other than my copies. They're free, Creative Commons, and Viral is a nice guy. Pity the only email address I had was for the domain that doesn't exist.

My plan is to have write-ups on each as well as links to a couple notable podcasts of gameplay, the Google+ community, my book in epub and PDF format, and if anyone has any useful suggestions [contact me mailto:singletona082@gmail.com]!

Neocities.org. It gives ten megabytes of space! OK great not a lot, but if you're careful about what you put up and use of outside stuff you can get away with a lot. They're ad free and are trying to keep their domain sustainable. Plus, much to the joy of anyone that cares about archiving, they included an export function!

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Quick Look: System Shock Infinite

How to surprise someone that has played System Shock 2 since 2004:

Take System Shock 2, add Groundhog Day, mix with a lot of fan devolution, and shake well.

This mod isn't a new game in that it uses the same levels longtime fans are familiar with and the basic story of SciFi Haunted House, yet it makes it so much.... More. Don't believe me? Here is a promo trailer from a few versions back.

For starters we get a halfway reasonable feeling explanation on how we got here with SHODAN somehow having a pod from beta grove traveling faster than light without engines, why she's on the box even though she doesn't show up til a third of the way in, and we get a sense of dynamism as Marie Delacroix goes from leaving logs here and there to outright actively helping you as a psionic 'ghost' of sorts. Even better is we get a sense the crew is still alive and fighting here.

There are multiple endings depending on actions you take ranging from standard good/bad, to a 'how we got here' easter egg ending, and even a 'now for something completely different' end. However that isn't even the best part! This thing isn't even done and the next series of updates adds in old school 3D cyberspace segments for several key events to further separate them from the more mundane types of hacking, an expanded path branching system where you can choose to actively side with SHODAN, the Many, go for broke to make everything right, or even... Well. That would be telling wouldn't it? There are smoothed out and expanded animations, more scripted events, and it's just packed to the gills with things that make even fans that've had this game since 1999 feel like it's something fresh without being completely unrecognizable.

There is all new voice work, a rebalanced weapon system, further incentives to explore, story twists, and for the most part outside of voice work it is one guy putting all of this together. Don't get me wrong the community at large has been helping with feedback, suggestions, even writing a few segments here and there, but this is one guy in his spare time giving us not just an expanded story that feels like what Looking Glass and Irrational might have done if they had more time, but also a look at what the fans of the franchise are able to do with the new more stable editor that the NewDark update gave us.

Give it a spin, put your thoughts down, and Embrace the Chaos.
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My thoughts on Iraq, Syria, ISIS and all.....

I am going to go with a child's question here. Why can we not all play nice?

In all seriousness I've grown tired of anything to do with faith on account of people using it as an excuse and justification for doing things that faith is supposed to take a stand against just because you want to be king of the mountain.

Think about it. Iran is asking us for help. Same country that has had problems with the US for what started as legitimate grievances because we did some super shady things and has since turned into religious dogma for them that america is the great evil in the world.

....and they are willing to not only work with us but are asking us to come over. That should tell you just how bad things are.

I'm going to sit out on the whole 'should we' thing on account of me being unable to go. I'm instead going to just agree with the point the video wants to make. This cycle of one group responding to oppression with violence until they are in charge and then oppressing other people until they are overthrown needs to stop. It's turned the region into a general hellhole.

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, and this ongoing cycle of oppressed killing til they're in charge until they become oppressors proves those words as true.

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