The Deliverator

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"Do it." Julian whispered into his microphone. He was in a machine that nolonber functioned unable to defend against a death stroke that had yet to fall. Even without the Beast's cameras he knew he was not alone. "What are you waiting for you sadist?"

There was no answer.

"Slowly, though he didn't know why he moved so slow when his opponent could neither see nor hear what went on, he wrapped both hands around the emergency release lever. He was going to be a sitting duck if he did this, which wasn't too much ofa change in situation. Actually it would be a bit of an improvement since at least then he would be able to get out.

The sound of the bolts being cut away with explosives was deafening. the feel of getting rocketed through the air, even inside the reletive saftey of the escape pod, was like a giant's slap to his whole body. then he landed, which was oddly almsot pleasent by comparison.

When he climbed out he saw the blasted and broken ruin the beast and the alien threat had made of the countryside, but no sign of his enemies. While it was strange they left him alive he wouldn't worry too much about that matter, nto right then. It was a long walk. A. Very. Long. Walk.
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