Swirling Alliances

It would take far FAR too long to explain the Nethernet so it would probably be better if you come in and have a looksee for yourselves.

--- --- ---

All names here are made-up, any resemblance to actual passivists is coincidental.

"We can't hold them much longer!." The Bedouin looked to the group of fleeing refugees he and his group were defending. "We'll try holding them off. Go!" As if to emphasize the urgency of the situation a mine skittered through a hole in the wall next to the armored figure.

With swiftness brought on by experience he kicked it back through the hole.

"GO!" The stunned looks of the crowd were replaced by a sudden sense of urgency. They were not soldiers. They wanted nothing to do with this war. They were researchers, Men and Women of Science. They thought this little corner of the web would be safe while the Destroyers were busy with more traveled sites like Google, Dig, Stumblupon, or even Reedit. No, instead they were fleeing through escape tunnels.

Once the entrance was sealed they stopped to check the crates containing... what they contained we cannot yet speculate save that they felt it was important enough to hide from both sides.

The path they followed was dimly lit, but it was made long ago and forgotten by all but a handful outside of their number. Sadly their belief in safety through obscurity was ill-founded, for they heard voices as well as whine and clank of mines in one of the side passages. They were trapped. Both entrance and Exit blocked.

That is when I made myself known to them. Naturally they were suspicious. After all I'm a seer, an agent of Chaos that had found their little hidey hole in the middle of nowhere. Never fear, I told them. I am a Seer, not a simple minded Destroyer, and while some of my cohorts gladly provided passage for those that would see everything broken and ablaze I had standards and a value for life.

'But we're trapped!' I heard one of them cry.

One does not trap a Seer. There is no lock that can resist our charms, no wall that we cannot find a way around. Pale yellow light was replaced by swirling blue/purple as i brought a portal into existence.

I could hear our 'honorable' adversaries closing in, as could the frightened throng of men and women I was hoping to help. That is when a friend of mine, clad all in black and wearing a porcelain mask, stepped into view and informed us that he would hold the line while we made our escape.

My concentration was on seeing men and material through. Normally portals were quite stable, but I had never intentionally transported this many through in such a short time.

A dozen or more of the grenade-wielding creations advanced on my black clad comrade. There was banter, something about a dozen of them and one of he. I smiled to myself as he flung his cloak outwards, releasing a cloud of St. Nicks. As his attackers were distracted by this man-made swarm he moved amongst them. I cannot recount all the details, for the bulk of my attention was elsewhere, but he was a viper amongst them darting this way and that flashing light of bared steel occasionally seen amid swirling black cloak and exploding ordinance.

At last, maybe a minute or possibly an eternity later, everyone was through and we made good our escape. They would be safe for the moment, and mayhap we will get a glimpse of what they are working on.

I may value life, but I see any locked box as a dare to find out what's inside.
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