After the End Character Profile: Edward Fawkes

Setting: After the End

Character Name: Edward Fawkes
Profession: Anthropologist
Character Notes/History: Edward was born and grew up on a Worldship; one of the many attempts humanity has made over the centuries leading up to and after the wars that finally ripped apart civilization on Terra. He graduated Vocation Training with slightly above average marks and was sent to Lowell Observatory Station (Mars) to monitor Radio Traffic, satellite data,  and catalog other information about the civilization that had grown without any outside interference after everything collapsed. The day that he saw Void weaponry used was a day that he and all his coworkers took a vote on if the ban on direct interference included sending people in to see what was going on. When they decided that was permissible they sent Edward along with an autonomous shuttle to find what radio chatter hinted at happening. Because of this continued monitoring he isn't quite as much a fish out of water as might otherwise have been, but he inevitably seems 'foreign' no matter where he goes.
Notes:  Edward is Huge by our standards at roughly seven foot and change. He's a racial mix, dark skin with red hair. Also, as is customary from the worldship he came from he has been genetically modified, making him tougher, stronger, and a few other minor things added both genetically and through artificial augmentation (notably replacement eyes, ears, and a few things that interface directly with his brain to let him cope with the added sensory inputs.)
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