Dogs of War

In a somewhat unfortunate turn of events I find that the story I had intended to post today isn't done and since I promised myself I would try to update daily I would have to find something to put here. Granted PMOG/the Nethernet is a bit of a nitch 'game' and even my own intrest flickers and wavers about it's something I can easily write short shorts for.

Also this is the first post to this blog using Zoundry Raven. Interesting blogging tool that lives on my thumb-drive. Hopefully not having to open a browser window will improve me not getting distracted.

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It waited and watched with inhuman patience. It had been set here weeks ago along with others of its kind. They were a Pack of stocky creatures moulded and shaped to resemble, if only in the most general of ways, dogs and left here to guard this place against all would-be attackers.

The key on its back spun down slowly as it shook itself into activity. Someone was coming. This someone wore the thick and sturdy 'uniform' that conformed with conditions held in it's simple brain of clockwork and aether. So it and its packmates stood at attention and growled low and harsh at this person their simple minds told them wouldl ikely try doing this place harm. This time the warning was enough to keep this place secure. The stranger browsed and did other things, but because he did nothing to provoke them the machine-guardians only growled and glowered in his direction.

Others came and went about their business. Most paid these mechanical hounds no mind. A few stopped to wind them a little tighter, which prompted a few almost-good natured sounding woofs and the thumping of metallic whiplike tails in appreciation. Others were warned away by their mere appearance, choosing to go attempt their mischif elsewhere.

Sadly all this peace could not last and they were set on by determined enemies. First a lone mine was seen skittering towards where they were defending on metallic spider-like legs. Two of their number rose, one chasing the mine down and another bounding after where it came from. The first dog, the one with the mine nowfirmly in it's jaws, raced to see where the second was now standing.

Perhaps the dog-sentinal didn't realize that the thing in it's jaws would explode anyway, or perhaps it had some primitive notion of what would happen. Either way the mine in it's jaws exploded, sending shrapnel into its companion and the man they had approached. He was obviously frightened and he was also obviously unable to flee. What wasn't obvious was that he wasn't alone, and his companions were combatting the rest of the pack, sending in more mines, throwing grenades, all while making a mad scramble for htier objective.

Theirs were simple minds, unable to grasp the concepts of motive, or even to question why theings were the way they were. Theirs was a black and white existaince. Either you were no threat and merited no attention, or you were a threat and had to be delt with. They ripped and tore, but never at throats or face. Their programming prevented the use of lethal force. Still, hundreds of pounds of mechanical dog is a frightening and dangerous thing if it is set against something.

The entire pack was destroyed in that fight, but they had given their existence to keep this place safe. Others would come to clean up the pieces soon enough, and maybe, just maybe, some of those pieces would be used to make more of their kind.

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