The following is based on how frequently the Nethernet servers seem to get overloaded, sending a 'the tubes are clogged' message down to the users signaling that they're unable to do anything involving their nethernet toolbar until things clear out a bit.

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The net is Vast and Deep. Even those that make it their business to wade the strange, ill-charted, and occasionally dangerous regions have only just barely scratched the surface of what's out there. Seers and Pathmakers, no matter how impossible or dangerous the task, try bringing light to these dark places. Unfortunately the Net has grown in complexity, developing patterns in the data flow that could be compared to weather and natural disaster in the more familiar world of Meat and Metal we inhabit. Most times those brave souls that brave the Deep do so with relatively little harm, other than perhaps the occasional run-in with unmentionable horrors from the Image Boards that Must Not Be Named. However this time is different.

Lazaras was in a foul mood. His companions, temporary as they were, complained about the trail he led them through. Nevermind they insisted that he take them away from the more or less civilized and well lit paths centering on Digg, Yahoo, Google, and other well trodden and overcrowded places. Nevermind, also, that he had warned them that portal travel was not like following one lamppost to the next in an ordered and calm manner. No, he had to endure whining, complaining, questions on why he set portals to this or that site, or why some portals doubled back to already visited domains.

To cope he did as has served him best in this sort of situation where any answer is the wrong answer. He remained silent and tried to keep his tone even and manner polite until the task was done. Unfortunately this silence spread to the rest of the group, which probably meant the early warnings of something being amiss not sounding, which lead to a portal from Youtube leading directly into an almost literal pile of sludge.

It clung to everything, clothes, tools, Everything. Several were sent back through even as the portal that brought htem here was sinking into the viscus mess. Unfortunately Lazaras and one othere were stranded together.

Seer's and Pathmakers generally don't get along. The Net apparently has a sense of humor in pairing the two together in a situation where neither can easily escape the other's company. Harsh words were said, accusations made. Weapons were drawn, but as the sludge gummed up everything they were reduced to their fists, or bludgeoning with what was on hand. Neither was in particularly great physical shape, and fighting in waist deep muck is a tiring activity.

As they both crouched tensly first one then the other had a realization. There was no reason they couldn't just walk away from eachother. With luck they could each clear this mired patch of net and then use more conventional transportation to get back to thier respective sanctuatries. Each wore bruises made by the other and each felt foolish over the fighting.

Both hoped that they could make it to safety before being waylaid by the more murderous sorts that would take lone travelers as easy pickings.
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