Schedule Update

I spent the past week and some odd days posting once a day. While this has helped me regain lost momentum it isn't helping me write more than little snippits for each day's use. Between Zounder Raven to allow me to work on posts without actually having to open a browser up, and being motivated I'm going to, effective tomorrow, start on a new weekly routine.

Sunday: In the Grim Dark Future... Don't Panic!
Warhammer's following is small, but the audience is a devoted one. My thought process is if I can get a regular crowd off of them then I have a somewhat built in audience that might want to spread to the rest of the blog.

Monday: Requests
Currently I'm working on something I'd been asked to do month's ago in the form of "Old Dogs'. Sure this will keep me occupied for at least the next month, but I'm quite sure other people will want me to write a few thousand words about their chosen subject.

A few ground rules for anyone wanting to make requests.

I don't do graphic sex or violence. 
Generally it serves little purpose, as far as I'm concerned anyway, and I don't feel confident I can pull it off. Sure I'll gladly have a casual 'and their heads got melted off' comment here and there, with appropriate reactions, but I won't spend pages going into how a chest wound looks or the kind of pain it causes. As to Sex. Family Friendly, or at least family friendly enough that i wouldn't feel too too embarrassed at my family reading this. I'll imply that it happened or show flirting now and then, but the act itself? No.

Unless you're willing to pay me, whatever is written is going up under a Creative Commons License, and even if you are paying I want to be attributed as the original writer.
Somewhat self explanatory in my opinion. Anything I do for free is going up for public consumption with no strings or price tag attached. If you want the rights for what I'm writing you're going to have to pay me to give them to you.

My Attribution rule is also straightforward. While I"m willing to sell the rights. I want people to know I wrote this, not you.

Lastly on this matter if you do not want your material appearing in this blog you must say so beforehand. Thank You.

Wenesday: Steampunk Material
Neo-Victorian settings. Airships. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Wild Wild West... Anything with that sort of aesthetic goes here. I like it, it offers plenty of possibilities with few constraints (but enough to feel i have a structure to work in.) Current doings on the matter are 'Sky pirates of the CSA'

Friday: Anything And Everything.
Self Explanatory really. I need at least one day that isn't structured so any other chunky goodness has a place to go.
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