Steampunk Wenesday

Going with something based off the Blue Shadows setting I'd written for. If you don't know what that is don't worry. I'ts something I cooked up awhile back for my writings. I'm going to make as few assumptions as possible about what a reader will know about the world.

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Sky Pirates of the CSA


He didn't trust the airship as everyone boarded. The math worked out, but seeing dry numbers and trusting an object to keep him from falling out of the sky are two different things where primal human fear is concerned. He pushed his fears aside as he watched thestewarts and other ship personnel go about their tasks. There was a faser way to get from the Eastern Coalition to the Republic of Texas, but that way was something that would call attention to himself. That would also negate the entire point of him coming here.

His name, at least the one he was using here, was Edward. He wasn't from anywhere the people around him would have heard of and his preasence here was something of a grey area from the standpoint of his people. However they blessed his expidition so long as he blended in.

Yes. Let's see how well a seven foot something tall dark skinned man with bright red shoulder length hair blends in with crowds of your typical Hispanic, White, and Caucasian folk with the odd Genome thrown in the mix. Still, He had been able to pass himself off as simply forgien rather than betray his true origins.

"Hey. Mongo." Somebody nudged Edward awake. "Captain wants to see you." Edward grunted at the uniformed person and shook himself awake. Perhaps the officers of this ship wanted him to entertain them with stories of his home.

The compartments he moved through were nice, not overly lavish, but comfortable enough for what amounted to an airborne medium range ferry. Even though it only had a half-full passinger count tht was still several hundred eyes that followed Edward as he passed. Well. Several hundred plus those belonging to stewarts, Porters, people going to and from their posts, and those that were off-duty.

Edward paid them no mind. instead he looked at the compartment hoping to avoid eye contact. Still, he couldn't help but notice the segregated nature of how humans and 'blue skins' were seated. He also noted most of the porters, food servers, and other menials were also mostly the blue skinned genomes. This disturbed him since the 'country' it hailed from preached equel rights and tolerance. The Confederates, he lamented, were up front and honest about their bigotry.

Ahead was the officer's ounge. Be polite. Be charming. Find a good story to entertain them... but what? He didn't want to risk anyone catching him in a lie. Maybe he could get away with telling them he was raised in the ruins of Pittsberg?

That would have to do.

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