Zombies Vs. Robot: 2

Continued from: Zombie Vs. Robot: 1

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The robots were playing music when Elizabeth carried the device in through the freight elevator. She had to shift to be able to lift it, and even then it was almost too heavy for her to do alone. However she refused even Forbin's help. She had been told to carry it and carry the thing she would. There were no stamps or warning labels on the crate so she wasn't afraid for whatever was inside, yet for her to struggle, even in her current form, meant whatever was inside had to weigh as much as a small car.

She tried puzzling out the contents as she walked. The way the contents moved suggested lots of little things rather than a solid slab. The lack of warning markers meant it wasn't radioactive, at least she hoped it wasn't. The contents stumped her until she sat the crate down. "Your delivery... Sir." Though her employer was a fair and level sort, at least when compared to many of his colleagues, she enjoyed finding ways of getting under his skin.

"Really?" Maximus was waist deep in a twelve foot tall spider-walker so it can be understood and forgiven that he would miss the sarcasm in his subordinate's voice. "Mind opening it up for me? I"m- Krak I think I'm stuck."

Elizabeth chuckled before grabbing him by the ankles and pulling, gently. Maximus came free, but his work smock did not, which left him in a tshirt advertising an industrial metal band, and oil and fluid stained pants. He scowled at her before walking over to fetch a crowbar. Oddly enough when he walked back over to her he had, in addition to the crowbar, a newspaper. She quirked an eyebrow at that and was about to ask when he rolled it up and smacked her on the nose. "Bad. Now I'll have to go in and get my tools."

At first Elizabeth only looked down at him. They were roughly the same height normally, but as she was now she was somewhere in the neighborhood of seven feet tall and fully capable of ripping any non-augmented human limb from limb with little more trouble than you or I would have breaking a toothpick. "What do you-" He smacked her with the paper again. "Think." Smack. "You're." Smack Smack. "STOP THAT!"

Maximus tossed the paper aside and pried the side of the box loose. Inside was a safe. He tapped in a complex set of numbers on the thing's keypad and pulled the door open "Hard to get supplies these days between customs, screenings, pirates... rivals." He was grinning ear to ear by the time the door finished swinging open, "But I will not be denied."

Elizabeth continued rubbing her nose right up until she peered inside. She then looked to her employer, then back at the contents of the safe. "Is there something wrong with you or something?"She took out one of the things that had been rattling about inside. "Seriously, I don't care if the box says its safe or not, this stuff's toxic waste."

She snorted and tossed one of the objects inside to him. It was an Atari cartridge. Specifically it was a copy of E.T. often cited as the straw that broke the console gaming industry's back in the early eighties. There were other factors of course, such as general over saturation, and no attempts at quality control, but the unsold copies of that game had been packed away, taken to New Mexico, and buried in what many believe a toxic waste dump.

"Nonsense." Maximus turned the piece of maligned plastic over in his hands, "Ever heard of The lightning Baron Otto?"

Elizabeth's eyes narrowed, "Sure, tried putting subliminal messages in games, tapes, videos, and a few TV broadcasts to rule the world via puppet government and commercial entities.."

"Try nothing! He actually succeeded, at for a little while." He wore a satisfied smirk as he enlightened his employee on a bit of hidden history. "Why do you think Reagan got elected... Twice?"


"The movie E.T. was his crowning piece of propaganda. The game, however, was an early attempt at breaking his hold. After all the movie was something everyone was familiar with, so of course people would want the game right?"

"...Makes sense I guess." Color Elizabeth skeptical.

"The problem is the de-programming didn't take. Part of what made Otto's plan stick for so long was that it made anyone under it's control reject any media attempting to subvert it; even going so far as to create a mental construct portraying the media it's embedded in as uninteresting. Here. let me show you."

They went over to a TV that had apparently been wheeled in for a situation like this, or possibly just to do a spot check of the goods. "You are about to be blown away." The console sitting on the trolly the TV was sitting on hummed to life. "Even now with Otto's programming rendered largely inert the subroutines dealing with anything containing the inoculation is still active. The console I've plugged the game into has a few modifications that strips out the offending subliminal and lets us see the game as intended." What followed was the most jaw dropping gaming experience by anyone ever.

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