Zombies Vs. Robot: 3

Continued from: Zombies Vs. Robot: 2

...///... ...///... ...///...

"Sir?" A flight attendant nudged George's arm. "We're almost ready to land."

"Oh, thanks." George straightened and buckled himself in. Sure it was strange for him to fly commercial, but then again it was that very unexpected nature he was counting on to keep his arrival under wraps. He had to sell most of his equipment, and several of his assistants, to pay legal costs and get a ticket to America. His home, a place that had been in his family for the past eight hundred years, give or take a few decades, was now in the hands of those who wished to bring about his ruin. They did not, fortunately, get his notes or any meaningful research materials. He had a place to go, and a friend waiting for him when he got there, though he was keeping the full extent of his situation and where exactly he was moving from her. That first meeting would be so very worth it.

America. It used to be a land of Freedom, Opportunity, and Discovery that thousands of his countrymen, and several generations of relatives had fled to at the turn of the last century. While it's reputation for these things had been tarnished in the past decades it still held promises of a new beginning for him. That and, as he saw it, he might be able to study a Sasquach in it's natural environment and compare it against the Yeti and the others of it's kind.

* * *

It took days, but he had gotten to his new home. Everything was as he expected it. Wide open spaces, clean air, and a besieging army of cybernetically augmented zombies. He didn't know who sent the army and didn't really care, or have any means of helping the besieged home-owner fight them. Thankfully he didn't have to and was treated to the sight of several very large robots, a man in black coveralls wielding two very large wrenches as deadly weapons, and an exceptionally large female lycanthrope leaping from cluster to cluster of invaders acting to disrupt their enemy before their forces had a chance to regroup anywhere. A dangerous tactic, but George noted that it was very effective at least in the short term.

It was fortunate that the swarm was small, only a few dozen as opposed to the hundreds or even thousands George had seen in the past. He wasn't entirely sure this swarm was augmented, as there had been fast zombies made before. However it was generally easier to work with a near mindless shambler than to have to deal with their faster (and smarter, hungrier, and more apt to rip your face off) kin. There were no immidiate spotter drones that he could see, so whomever was directing the rapidly shrinking swarm had to be relying on sattilite. George was satisfied with this line of reasoning. Make the chain of communication too long, because even the best satilites had a half second to several seconds delay in signal routing, and even otherwise unstoppable armies would falter long enough to be ripped to shreds. What he saw in front of him was proof enough of that.

With the field of battle settling he thought it a good time to try drawing attention to himself, and promptly had a huge ball of fur and anger sitting on him

George looked into the near-human eyes of the hybrid creature, "Hello Elizabeth. Bad time?"

It, She rather, sniffed before deciding he wasn't a threat and turned to the process of sorting through the re-animated dead all about them. Every so often her nose curled in disgust, though considering she was in the middle of a field of the dead who could blame the she-wolf?

"Elizabeth?" George watched her sort through the corpses, killing those that still moved.

A massive robot approached George slowly and with deliberate care. "Excuse the mess, one of the Boss's disgruntaled customers sent these. Made a huge mess of the sorting bay, but everything's still in order." It started taking George's bags with it to the house. "I imagine he'll want to speak with you when he's done getting cleaned up."

With one last look at Elizabeth George followed the hulking machine inside.

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