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Now, first Friday of the new update schedule. Sorry things are somewhat late, but I'm the sort of person that gets sucked into new reading material and can't convince it to let go until I'm done. the book in question is Breathers: A Zombie's Lament and while it's not for everyone if you're a fan of zombie material I consider it a grab. After all how many times do you see things from the zombie's perspective?

Eh. I'm just going to pick up where Zombies Vs. Robot: 3 left off.

Zombies Vs. Robot: 4

It had only been a day since George had arrived and there were more zombies on the lawn. Unlike the prior swarm these were unaugmented 'shamblers' that were easily dealt with by Julian's security. Even though it was easy to deal with George was still worried and was somewhat fearful that they were here because of him.

So here he was working through a pressurized suit and in a room designed to have negative airflow attempting to compare samples of zombie bits with what he's seen in the past, what is on the general database of known examples of 'created by complete nutjobs.' OK that's not the database's official name but it's a fitting description.

He worked alone because Julian wasn't well versed in biology outside of containment procedures and while Elizabeth had proven herself competent she was currently helping Forbin with cleanup and re-deploying defenses to deal with an inevitable third warm. Actually he had help in several of Julian's smaller non-human drones that either floated or rolled about acting mainly as floating tool trays or to help automate any number of otherwise trivial tasks that would pile up and take time away from his work. That and they kept him from having to spend twenty minutes showering and removing his containment suit and another twenty minutes putting a fresh one on and checking seals not to mention actually going about whatever would draw him out of the containment lab.

No he didn't think either strain was airborne, but he didn't want to take the chance of it being designed to mutate after some chemically triggered dead-minion switch turns it into revenge weapon. It's mad science, he isn't going to take any chances just because normal run of the mill biology and chemistry says something like that is impossible. After all he just went through two swarms of moving attacking and quite dangerous beings that had no conventional internal biology; which should also be impossible.

Then there was the fear gnawing at him that somehow these swarms were after him. His rivals from the Old Country wouldn't stop at manipulating the local legal system into having him thrown off of his family's ancestral lands and kill on sight orders if he ever wants to go home. Apparently his adversary didn't think that was enough. Well if they want to play like that he could be just as nasty. Just ask the Third Reich how their Ubermench project ended up.

this is the part where he would have laughed while thunder or other audio-visual cues clued spectators in that he has decided to take a running jump past the moral event horizon. Thankfully he is not your stock and staple Mad Scientist. Sure maniacal laughter is very therapeutic, but it also seems to promote the idea that you're completely nuts, and right now he could use all the help he could get. So no laughing like a d list Frankenstein ripoff. He will plot and plan quietly, while playing his GameStation 720 with friends, and occasionally even while he sleeps. However he will enact these plans wit hperfict and deliberate calm.

What are a few months to a man who's been around since the '20's?

For now, however, he has a virus who's secrets he wishes to tease out into the open. For now we shall leave him, because I am not entirely sure he is unaware of the fourth wall, and I wouldn't want to run the risk of him being able to blow a hole thorugh just to express his displeasure.

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