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Let's see. Tron Legacy. King of Kong. MAME. Jeeze. I've been on a retro kick lately. Probably Tron induced. That or picking up on an oddball topic out of boredom. Either or I suppose.

Noodling around with a concept I've had ever since I saw Code Monkeys However unlike G4 I wanted to approach the idea of a retro gamey looking 'thing' not as a sitcom, but instead look at it from the idea of 'hey what if this were a game that nobody had heard about and suddenly a 'lets play' type series starts popping up on youtube. Because I haven't managed to gather people who actually know what they're doing and would otherwise scream their heads off at any potentially impossible expectations I haven't come up with a definate story or anything other than basics on a wish list. Well actually I've come up wit hseveral ideas that I'm listing below, but nothing more than a base teaser.

These 'should put in there' bits are generally straightforward. Have everything look like a late era Nintendo/MSX game (with some flexibility on things like how many colors show up at once, frames per object, and such.) 'Cutscenes' would be limited to stills or still images with movng elements in there (like an exploding castle in the background. Think Ninja Gaiden 'cutscenes') Ditto on sound effects and music, though again leaving flexibility for post processing. Once 'game' elements are decided stick with the motif unless the 'game' switches from one type of screen, say side scrolling beat 'em up, to top down bullet hell. Use entirely original art, sound, and music both to keep the powers that be from deciding my latest fun project needs to go byebye. Well that and I would like to leave open the possibility of making money if by some stroke of luck this gets popular. Now then there's small matters of story.

Note that whatever ends up getting chosen will be branded for some oddball console. 'InterStation', 'Torix 6830', or something like that

Game Name: Minions and Monsters
Game Type: Castleroid/RPG
Teaser: Team up with a pair of mad scientists, robot minions, and a lycanthropic henchwoman as they discover that some things were better left undisturbed, no matter how tempting Ultimate Knowledge might be. ... Did we forget to mention that the mad scientists with the Lair of Doom (TM) are the good guys?
Quirks: Lost Vikings mechanics in play here. One of your doods dies you can still progress up to a point, but when that missingdood is needed again you're kindof stuck (unless youv'e gotten far enough in the game to clone them.) Three doods each able to do a special task. George can handle zombies and other biologic nasties. Julian is good with robots and machinery, and Elizabeth is pure Muscle. Robots and or zombies can take up party slots if team members are forced to stay off screen to do important things. Oh and expect lots of ribbing at fifties scifi and horror movies.

Game Name: Night Watch
Game Type: Beat 'em Up
Teaser: Max Justice. Grandson of the lengendary Commander Justice and founder of the Troop of Super Dudes has gone missing. Dark forces have gathered to take advantage of his vaccency. You have been given an experimental suit of powered armor and given your orders. What are you waitingfor Soldier? There's a world to save!
Quirks: So many potential targets here. Duke nukem and or other generic action hero types. Superheroes. Halo? The 'game's' format would remind anyone of megaman/megaman x. Intro stage, eight playable missions (with a midpoint mission that has to be gone thorugh after beating four of those stages.) End game fortress and knock down drag out fight. Naturally the protaganist will be nameless and because of the armor we will never see his face (though we could see the helmet come off and there being mass reactions, but his head would either be blocked from view or off camera.)

Game Name: Grave Choices
Game Type: Action/RPG
Teaser: The typical Swords and Sorcery story turned on it's ear! Play as a reluctaint hero using the darkest of arts to save the world from an intolerant caste of Knights and Wizards intent on eradicating all evil by removing free will. Parental Warning: Not suitable for children under thirteen! We take no responsability if your child ends up having nightmares as a result of this game. You Have Been Warned.
Quirks: Ooo let's see. start with the general ridgidity of the Good/Evil Light/dark motifs found in ye olde fantasy games (though there will be plenty of traditional evil people to beat up on.) The entire DnD thing? Yea, that's up for grabs too. Lord of the rings and Conan the Barbarian? Why Not? Hey it's magic and all, so why not throw in animal people here and there too? However using this as a bit of a lark against Final Fantasy's abused cliches, not to mention their use of 'so girly you can't tell what sex they are by looking at the face' people would be most appropriate. Also if this were done with 16 bit sprites with a few other affects we might be able to get away with making jabs at MMO culture. That or have That One Guy in the party keep making MMO refferences and everyone else thinking he's nuts... but handy in a fight.

Notice many of these ideas are direct lifts of stuff I'm already working on? It isnt' from lack of creativity. Nah if none of them draw any attention I have other ideas. Just would rather go with stuff that's already on my mind. Too many other ideas and possible in-jokes I'd want to include, like a negetive world, or finding garbage data that lets you get off the actual map into glitch zones/towns. Debug mode and half-implimented items/monsters/levels. The Kill Screen. Stuff like that I'd want to pepper throughout where it might prove logical, or at least funny enough without totally wrecking everything to justify including.
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