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I could claim that yesterday caught me with little time to get this update out the door, but I wouldn't be able to wit ha straight face. I'd gotten Sunday's update done last Thursday and Friday's update done later that day, so I had plenty of time. I just hadn't gotten it done till now 9now being late Sunday night.) There were ideas on where to take this sure, but actual written material not so much.

Old Dogs



If one had to sum Ricky's mind up in one word during the story this man that walzed into his home spun it would have to be confused. Gods, at least so far as he had understood the concept, could not die.

"You're forgetting Baulder was slain by Loki's trickery with Hod as his chosen weapon. Then there's Zeus slaying his father for control of the universe." Sometime between the start and finish of Ricky's thought his uninvited guest had somehow gotten a beer out of his fridge and was giving running commentary.. "Then there's the Osiris death and resurrection story which arguably the core story of the Egyptian mythos." Another sip of beer. "Oh and the Christian death-and-resurrection thing with Jesus."

Everything about this situation was strange. "So tell me why I shouldn't be screaming and calling the cops mister I'm-the-god-Anubis?" His voice dripped with sarcasm and more than a little anger. He'd endured plenty of well intended teasing and more than his share of not-so-well intended jabs over the years.

Let's recap. Strange person just walks into your home and acts as if he belongs there and you haven't yet called the police or tried throwing this person out. Perhaps Ricky is just too surprised to throw the man out. Perhaps he's trying to figure out what this person is angling after. Maybe he's just too stunned to think coherently. Take your pick. The point is so far he hasn't made more than a half-hearted move to get this person out of his home.

Ricky's house guest, let's just call him Anubis since that's what he introduced himself as, smiled. "Somewhere in your mind you want to believe me. Your kind have always had that, a deep seated want to believe in more than yourself." He made a quick quarter turn, hiding his beer from Ricky's view, before turning back with both hands empty. No Beer. All gone. "If it will help you see past the skin I use to blend in with squint and look just past me."

Ricky did this, though he was still deeply puzzled. The optical illusion/magic-eye trick rarely worked with him, but this time he saw something. It wasn't something he could have described as an image. There was just Anubis... and yet there was Anubis plus more.

"Does that count as solid credentials, or shall i take you on a tour of the land of the dead?" Again the smile, which Ricky seemed to think was strange. It wasn't a friendly smile even. It was more of a 'I know something you don't' sort of smile, and it disturbed him a little.

"No... no that's quite fine. I...." He took a deep breath and sat to try reasoning things out. "You claim something killed you, and here you are. I would guess that means you either posses people to visit us, which seems unlikely considering all the surface similarities, or you create your body out of nothing."

This time Anubis's smile was a signal of satisfaction. "Something like that anyway. While we are here we tend to try blending in." Pause as he makes another half turn and pulls his beer back from wherever he had put it. "There are exceptions, but usually it's more trouble than it's worth these days."

"Hm. So why not tap the guy on the shoulder yourself?" Ricky held a hand up for quiet. "Sorry just thinking out loud. I guess there's a reason you're trying to make me do this." Nod from Anubis. "Answers on the drives I found in your body?" another nod. "Afraid of that since both are being held as evidence and my responsibilities end at the examination slab.

"Would you believe a group of ultra-militants that are killing 'fringe cultists' out of a misguided desire to protect the rest of the world from 'poisonous thought'?"

Ricky snorted, "I'd say that's something ripped from a rejected Law and Order script."

"And after you had time to remember most people are irrational creatures attracted to drama and theatrics what then?"

Pause for thought. "Possibly someone wanting to make a point?" Ricky and Anubis sat there thinking for several long moments before Ricky spoke again. "I take it I am not the only person you're getting in touch with?"

"Of course not. Though since it's something of a sticky issue I ask that, for the moment, you not try seeking eachother out. That will change, but for the time being your work will demand your full attention and I'm sure others will notice if you're in a twist over a particular case. Anubis handed Ricky an unopened bottle. "I'll be seeing you."

With that the man claiming to be an Egyptian god walked out of Richard's home leaving him one very confused medical examiner.

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