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I have to admit I'm not Wiccan. I have no real familliarity with Wicca outside of a few wikipedia lookups and I'm even less in the know where Egyptian mythology is concerned. I apologize if this is painfully clear in the writing. Still, trying to keep respectful of the material.


Sekmet and Hathor. At first two completely, but not symetrically opposit, beings. Hathor was the Goddess of Fertility and Love. Sekmet held dominion over War and Pestillince as personified by the lioness and uncarring and merciless desert. Yet there is a myth that connects the two. It goes something like this. Osirus saw wickedness and evil thorugh the land. What exactly is something that could be debated and nickered about. Suffice it to say like in other pantheoverses where those On High saw things Down Here were not going as hoped they thought to hit the big reset button. Osirus's reset button took the form of turning Hathor, goddess of love, fertility, and whatnot, into a niegh invulnerable beserker and set her loose on the world.

Nothing could stand in front of her and live. Men. Beasts. Gods. Everything in front of her died. Messily. At some point Osirus was either convinced by others that the land as is was worth saving, or he was so horrified by what he had loosed on the world that he worked to undo what had been done. Small problem there. Miss Beserker isn't exactly going to sit still for Big Pappa God-King to hit her with a whammy. So, probably with the help of Thoth, Anubis brewed up a special cask of beer. It should be noted that in Ancinet Times beer was brewed by women, what with men busy beating eachothe'rs brains in, out on big building projects, or doing the non-domestic bits of keeping hearth and home from goingto rot. This wasn't your typical brew either. See, by this point Sekmet had shown a definate lust for and affinity to Blood, so thats what this stuff had to look like and so it was.

One Drunken Goddess later and things settled down. Now ask yourself this folks. If she changed once and only changed back because she got too drunk to remember what made her that almighty upset in the first place, what do you think would happen if she got pushed beyond all comprehention into the land of white hot Rage.

The general shape of this story dinged around in Ricky's mind as he fled. Who was his ally in the wannabe S.W.A.T. outfit? He didn't know and didn't want to run towards the sounds of Not Nice Things to find anything out. The family commentary had a moment of attention, long enough to register a possible son, but his mind shoved the process aside in favor of getting his little econo-box car put-puting out of there.

As he drove he realized he did know, at least parts of it he knew. The name itself wouldn't form but the man called Anubis his father and he carried himself like a fighter. 'Opener of Ways', Wewap or something along those lines. As he drove he hoped his persuer would leave well enough alone, but knew it wasn't going to be quite so clean cut. after all she'd torn apart a building to get to him. Pause. Was she afte rhim specifically? He had to work under that assumption since the world was just too big for Hathor to simply go nuts here instead of, say, Cairo illinois

Rush to his apartment. Cellphone ringing while he was fumbling \for keys. Yes that was his car fleeing. Yes he would be happy to answer questions just as soon as he could get assurances whoever had cut their way through wasn't going to add his head to a pole. Fine. He just had a few things t ograb from his apartment. He would be there directly. Click.

Beer in hand he turned to go. He'd told the person on the other end he would head to the police station to give a statement and a few other things. He was no fighter in any sense of the world and as much as he hated the idea of an enraged near unstoppable creature loose, but he had no way of knowing if she'd fled the building after him, was still there, or what. Plus if she were hunting him it would probably be a good idea to have as many guns as possible on hand.

So he spent the next handful of hours giving his statement, submitting genetics samples, and helping sketc hartists get a draft of what the attacker looked like. Not much help there since it happened fast and she, yes he was sure it was a she, kept her face hidden. He could've given vuage details of skin and hair, but he chose not to. Why? Let's see, brown skin, dark hair. He Really didn't want to encourage yet more anti-arab sentement. He was thanked for his cooperation and shown to an empty office where he could catch some sleep until they checked things out.

When the door closed the same lean hungry eyed man Ricky met earlier stepped from the shadows. He limped and one of his arms was in a sling, but he seemed otherwise no worse for wear. "Where is it?"

Ricky motioned to the minifridge he'd set the beer bottle in after the police left him. "Can you speak, or isthis one of those 'grab what you came for and run.' things?" His guest nodded once before taking the bottle in hand and dissapearing back into the shadows. Ricky sighed softly. "Figures."

"What?" Woman's voice. ricky turned his head and saw uniform.

He waved her off and relaxed. "I finally get a decent morning at work and all hell breaks loose." He started to smile but stopped at the lack of amusement from his visitor. "How bad is it?"

"Bad." She sat in the office's desk chair and spun it to face him. "Four dead, sixteen wounded. They're not sure how many will make it." She looked grim. Several moments passed before she let out a deep sigh. "I don't think your friend knew you would have to go through this. The trick with the beer might point otherwise, but I'd like to think that was just plan B." This woman had Ricky's full and undivided attention now. "My name's Alice." They shook and grumbled. "After this is sorted out I've got a few things you might want to see." Ricky gave her a questioning look but couldn't speak. "Don't worry I won't get in trouble. I don't think anyway. Besides I had copies made, so it's not like they'll be missing anything."

Unfortunately for them Wewap wasn't the only divinity visiting that evening.
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