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Zelda-like format settled, due to relative ease in exicution and not needing to redo everything for two different perspectives. Oh don't get me wrong, it's still a boatload of work, but it's within the relm of plausability. Still. Faced with several options where getting the actual meat of the game is concerned. Lets explore some of these.

It's flexible, everyone has heard of it. I can put Everything in one file and find a cozy corner of the net to upload that to. There's just a few problems. First, and most importantly, I have no farking idea how to use it. Next up is as far as I'm aware the tools are prohibitivly expensive to get my mitts on legally. Still, versitile and I"m pretty sure I could save straight to whatever format Youtube uses, .flv I think. That shouldn't matter since Youtube automatically formats anything to what it uses, but it's nice to have an option to output directly to video instead of havingto fire up another program to do the recording.

Game Maker:
While it's intended for full on game creation it's more of a programming for beginner's enviroment where people can break their teeth on code, or psudo-code depending on if you use the big pushbuttons along with tutorials to get you into more refined and or complicated actions. The big upside here, other than it being \inexpensive (especially compared to flash!) is that it's geared to making game creation relatively easy while giving the end user a whole slew of options. Of course unless there's some sort of direct export to video file option I'd have to rev the end result up and hope fraps can record without too much hassle, that or send the file to somebody else to do the recording and sending \the end file back so I can youtube (or vimeo) it.... or give them the login information there so they can do the uploading.

Zelda Classic:
Obscure, but from what little looking i've done it's absolutely perfict if you want a zelda clone. Plus it's free and the community built around it seems pretty lively so help shouldn't be too hard to scare up. There are a few difficulties though. First off if i want 'cutscene' stills (or simple animations) I would have to insert them while getting all the video stuff done. Not terribly difficult compared to what it will take to get that far, but it's an added step and I feel like noting it. Additionally if voices are to be done they would also need to be thrown in during final processing. Neither of these are exactly deal-breakers in of themselves, but the constrained nature of Zelda Classic to remain as faithful to Zelda 1 as possible could be something to make me have to retool what i want. Then again it is scriptable, I think, and there have been a wide variety of thigns done with it that are definately Not Zelda, so hm. This one's looking the most attractive of the lot for now.

Of course there is that little voice in the back of my head whispering that it's pointless to try any of this since I haven't the skill to do this alone and my history of projects that never got off the ground due to lack of support or a general everyone not being on the smae page could fill a doorstopper of a book. Still, if i can do this, and it's looking plausible if I scale back, why not? I need to keep busy with things that keep my mind active or end up being snippy and in general not a nice person to be around. So to anyolne out there that says i shouldn't bother, go find somewhere else to be.
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