Request Monday

Officially... I only vuagely know where I'm going with this.


Ricky looked at the group, trying to figur out if speaking was a good idea or not. Deciding that it wasn't yet not speakingwas an even worse idea he took a deep breath. "Without knowing anything I have to wonder. What's the point in gettingeveryone here if you're just going to turn laughing boy there down?"

Three of the divinities glowered at him. The fourth gave a hyena-like laugh that was cut off as soon as the three turned thier displeasure from the mortal onto him.

Ricky fidgeted. "So let me see if I have the right of this. Sealed Evil in a Can that would like to snack on the human race en mass as soon as it gets out right?"

Spider-Woman nodded. "There are details that must be added in but that is largely correct."

"By the time you're allowed to act openly the boogyman has already eaten most of the planet and would then be too strong for you to do anything but be the ambrosia flavored after dinner mint?"

"We would not go down so easily as that," Zeus looked grim in spite of the light tone of his words.

Anubis's tone, on the other hand, was as grim as his look. "Yet in the end we would go down. Without people to sustain us it would just be a matter of time."

"Let me get this right." Ricky's voice held little of the flood of confusion in his mind. "You're talking about a litteral end of everything and at the same time you're shooting down the one guy that, from where I'm standing, looks like he has a plan just because you don't like the price tag?"

He paused to collect himself. No sense in letting emotion run rough over his descission making, especially where it concerned beings that could kill him or worse. "What, exactly, is your price." He gestured to Set. "Killing Osirus? Somebody's first born? Your face on the one dollar bill?"

"I want you people to stop treating us like last week's garbage." Set looked Ricky andthe other two mortals over. "Oh sure you three and a few thousand others are good as far as yo ugo for modern worship, but mostly its the cranks and crazies." He paced as he talked. "I want recognicion beyond the fringes. I want to see stadium sized temples packed with Thousands! I want to not be remembered only for some cheap kids show. What I want is to not be forgotten."

Anubis waited until the other divinity was finished before speaking. His voice was calm and his tone somber. "What you want is impossible. Our time may come again. It may be long passed. It is not our choice and to attempt to enforce worship is simply not possible."

"What you ask is something we cannot give. Yet what you offer is a way to avoid total oblivion for all of us." Spider-Woman sounded more like she was thinking out loud rather than intentionally addressing anyone. "Would preserving us all not be enough of a reward?"

Set looked at her and seemed to deflate. Surviving, even if you were left to the margines, was better than everything collapsing over stubbornness. "You will wait until I see if thisworks before letting the others know?"

Everyone else nodded agreement. They would wait.
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