Setting Saturday: Supernal Void

LittleLostGeek and I threw this idea around awhile ago. It's heavily derived from porting the Exalted setting into a space opera genre (along with some older stuff I did with d20 Future), so make of it what you will.

Cosmological stuff
Space is called the Void. The ships that travel through the void are called voidships. Voidships use elemental ley-lines to travel between solar systems and celestial bodies.

The universe is composed of elemental ley-lines. Where these ley-lines converge, solar systems and celestial bodies form. The characteristics of a given celestial body is determined by the elements that went into its formation. A planet where fire and air are the dominant elements would be a desert world, for example. Wherever the ley-lines are, life will either migrate from other place (in the case of void-borne life) or spontaneously arise from the elemental stuff bathing a celestial body. Stars are not known to have life, though scholars assume there must be some living things there.

Magic is prevalent, though it is not of the fire-ball flinging variety. Instead, most people know a handful of arcane procedures to enhance what is already possible. That is to say that most magic is practical magic, meant to enhance an artisan/craftsman's work. For the most part, magic is a practical and subtle affair.

More complex magic is usually created through the use of arcane technological devices, such as the elemental cannons used on voidships. The people who are capable of making such magitech are known as artificers.

Complex magic can be done without magitech, but it is difficult and taxing. Most people are incapable of becoming a Will-Worker, as such arcanists are called.

Myths and Historical Stuff
Generally speaking, the people of the galaxy believe in a progenitor race of some kind. They are distinctly different from the Golden Age Humans because even the humans of the Golden Age believed in a race that forged the universe into something habitable. The term that academics use to refer to these beings is 'titan'. Though many cultural myths seem to be talking about the same cast of titans, the myths are often contradictory between different cultures. Nobody is quite sure if the titans actually existed or not.

There was a galaxy-spanning empire of great sophistication once. Humans called this their golden age, which has been over for a very long time indeed. Although there are plenty of ruins of the ancient human culture, nobody is sure what caused their civilization to collapse. It is known, however, that they are the ones who built the Galactic Gates, and possibly caused the formation of the Great Galactic Ley-Line.
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