Setting Saturday

So I figure I'll help fill in where LittleLostGeek is absent. I declare Saturdays to be Setting day, where a piece of fluff about an original or pre-existing setting is cooked up and served. Today's special is Heavy Gear. This ties into a Heavy Gear Blitz army I've been mucking about with.

White Valley

White Valley is an underground city-state on Terra Nova located west of Peace River in the Pacifica Range. It was originally a Peace River mining camp and has evolved over the cycles into a semi-autonomous community with strong ties to the Peace Officer Corps. The city is built around an oasis tower that is sunk directly into the aquifer below, with layers and layers of buildings and structural supports surrounding this important asset like a cocoon. Civilian gears are strictly forbidden within city-limits to limit the potential mayhem malcontents could cause. Oddly, for a badlands community, White Valley has little in the way of internal problems, likely because the majority of the population consists of retired Paxton Arms employees.

The reason for White Valley's strong ties to the Peace Office Corps is that most of the local Defense Force are former members of the Peace Officer Corps themselves. Peace River supplies older Polar gear and equipment to the White Valley Defense Force in exchange for the ore and raw materials extracted by White Valley. This is supplemented by a healthy reserve of salvage brought in from the badlands, remnants from the devastation the CEF caused by their invasion.

The Defense Force also serves as White Valley's police, with each member of the WVDF having two vehicles assigned to them. Each member has a stripped-down Hunter or Jaeger armed with fragmentation cannons and light machine guns for crowd control. The second vehicle is a military-grade gear, usually one that has been thoroughly used by the Peace River Defense Force or Peace Officer Corp. There are exceptions, such as Commander Grayson's King Cobra (pieced together from salvage) or Officer Cobb's "Vera Custom" Bear (won in a fight with a group of Badlands Rovers).

The WVDF forms ad-hoc combat groups based on the expected mission parameters. That is, individual officers are grouped together for military missions based on the individual talents of the officer. Officer Cobb would never be assigned to a recon mission, for example, because he is much better at making things explode (and other noisy, unsubtle activities).
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