Steampunk Wenesday

Strange i find this story so hard to get through considering there's so many little bits I so despirtely want to rush towards. Ah well. Steady pace. Have to keep moving.


"You promised you'd spend less time chasing these ghosts of yours." Billy stood in the doorway of the cabin she and Julian shared. He looked at her sheepishly but said nothing, for he knew no discovery of his or words said would have her any less upset.

Billy let out an exasperated sigh and finally let him in their cabin. "We agreed you'd cut back until we got settled."

Awquard silence followed as they went about their different nightly routines; Billy going back to her meditation mat and Julian making notes in his book of curiosities and noteables. This went on with not a word said between the two for another hour before they went to get food from the ship's gally.

"Did you find any patterns?" Her voice and body language showed curiosity and more tha na little interest.

Julian, on the other hand, was deeply withdrawn and his voice seemed tightly wound when he answered. "I'm not sure. Part of me wants to say there's some larger patterns, but It could just be the byproduct of electrical systems that have a set routine rather than some new cypher."

After Julian let her pass so they wouldn't block a group carrying bedding the opposit way billy continued. "You don't sound too convinced. That and I looked through your logs and if you and those others that are chasing this... thing ...are," She stopped when he glared at her. "You said it was alright if i looked through when you started keeping notes so stop being grumpy about it. I just don't want-" She held a door for him, "-you to get so absorbed that you lose track of everything else."

He took a deep breath but said nothing while they were fed. It wasn't much since they were starting to get uncomfortably low on supplies and needed to restock at the next fuel depot but it was filling. They ate in the Gholem's dining area since Billy wasn't allowed in the main dining area. It was mostly empty save for one of the other officers seated back to them, at least the white uniform looked like it belonged to the crew.

"Why does Jack tolerate this?" Julian grumbled, "He's opposed to the idea and it's his bloody ship." He held up a hand for quiet. "I know he has to make allowances so a few places will let him operate, but it just doens't make any sense."

Billy laughed a little, "Julian, dear sweet Julian. He's just making a living. We get treated better here than on most jobs, and if scut has the right of it he's already bee nbarred from most of the southern ports because of it. Now let it go, you get too worked up over these things." Her cat-like eyes flicked from his plate then back to him, "And eat your vegetables."

He just stared at her as these facts were digested, picked apart, and checked against what little he knew on the matter. "Deus... are you sure we're on the same ship?" Bafflement and confusion were clear as day on his face.

"See what you find out by doing more than keeping your ears open to more than radio blipping?"

* * *

Their ship, full of people traveling across the continent for any number of reasons, sailed through the air with only a very few disconnected and easily dismissed thoughts between any of them that they were anything but perfictly safe. Hundreds of ships very much like this one sailed to and fro without as much as a hint of problem. Sure there have been countless disasters and other foul-ups over the century and half of rediscovered flight, but nobody ever things it will happen to them.
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