Tabletop RPG: Mystery Men + Aberrant

Concept: Mystery Men-style lowbies in the Aberrant setting
System: Mutants and Masterminds

I've been asked to run a tabletop RPG campaign and spent the weekend trying to figure out what to run. Digging through DVDs, books, and stuff, I thought that a Mystery Men style superhero game would be interesting enough. The twist? Well, the good news is you have super powers, the bad news is that they'll eventually drive you insane. It's Mystery Men meets Aberrant.

For those who aren't familiar with Aberrant, it was White Wolf Games' take on the superhero genre. As usual, White Wolf injected weird conspiracies and massive metaplots. If WWG had made actual comics set in this world, that'd have been interesting. It makes for a lousy game though since the player characters are usually reduced to the role of spectators who have ringside seats to Superman vs. Magneto. Basically, without giving away a lot of deep dark secrets, humans with the right genetic potential are getting super powers and are called novas.

But I'm throwing most of the odd setting stuff out for two reasons. 1- The PCs are the 'other guys', as Mystery Men puts it. They're nowhere near the level of dealing with global conspiracies. 2- I'm using Mutants and Masterminds, not Aberrant. Aberrant takes great pains to show how different Novas and Humans are, whereas M&M builds the superhero genre conventions into the system and makes no distinction (fine by me). The important bits are that humans are getting weird powers and not everybody got the same degree of awesome out of the deal.

So what's the deal? Poker buddies/support group members/local bowling team with super powers decide to clean up their neighborhood. It'll probably end up being like Boondock Saints only with super powers. Should be fun.
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