Find & Replace: Overlooked but Handy

I've had a book in editing since mid-March. As anyone who's seen this blog will soon realize I am not a very neat draft writer. Going through and manually fixing all the double spaces, lowercased things that shouldn't be, contraction flubs, and punctuation issues is a pain in the neck even for something as short as a thousand or so word blog post. Try envisioning manually going through a hundred and twenty thousand word story (roughly 140 pages of printer paper, 280ish at 6x9 format.)

Maybe I'm a dense bulb for not thinking of it sooner but between my last update and this I've been doinga bit of rearranging, fixing, and such. To speed the process up I'd used the find and replace command to find anything such as (space space) and cut it back down to (space), * . into *., and my favorite I'(space) into I'(nospace) for all those contraction issues. Be even awesomer if I could set a macro up to do all this for me so I could do more complicated variations to help speed cleanup along.

'But you're just being lazy!' Uh-huh. You try doing corrections when you hate going back over anything, even stuff you know needs fixing. I'll take what shortcuts I can to fix all the little bugs that make my work look ugly. Can't afford an editor so this'll have to do.

Nifty trick I felt like sharring in case there are any other folk out there that hadn't picked up on it yet. Now if only there werea way to deal with split apart words where each part looks like it's own word.... Oh well.
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