Freeform Friday

Mostly because I could, and it might be enlightening to see a little more about th4ese 'heroes' I'm building...

From the Department of Meta-human Affairs
Document made Public under Freedom of Information Act 28/03/2010
Note: In all instances Date of Birth and Real names have all been marked as classified so those fields have not been included.

Subject: Max Justice
Abilities: Beyond Human Strength, Exceptional Toughness, Stamina
Education: Tesla Institute Class 2002
Maj. Structural Engineering
Min. Photography
Profile: Grandson of Commander Justice and founding member of Xanadu's council of nine. Max is an exception to most American meta-humans in that he holds no civilian job yet maintains a civilian identity (other notable 'mono-identity' meta's include Stryker and Anvil.) Maintains working relationship with Comrade Peter and teaches weekly classes to newly discovered potentials. Has close ties with this department though has turned down numerous offers for direct government backing.

In Their Own Words:
This thing on? [cough] Uh hi? Tiny Room not making me comfortable about any of this. What do you want me to say? I wouldn't say I'm the poster boy for my generation. Look at me. Can't keep a normal job, When it came out who I was related to I get so much fan mail, death threats, care packages, marriage proposals, and...

Look I know if I played to the camera a bit, did the occasional talk show interview, maybe did some promotional work I wouldn't be living hand in mouth most months. I can't do that though since, well I just can't. This whole 'hero' thing I mean. I don't consider myself one, no matter what anybody says. I go out there knowing unless I get hit on the noggin with a bunker buster about the worst I'll take away from a situation is a bruised ego and a little surface scuffing. I've got friends in law enforcement that followed my lead a few times and either stuck in a wheelchair now, or didn't come out at all. People like that, they're the real heroes out there.

I'm just a compulsive nutcase that just doesn't get hurt as easily and has trouble in a nine to five environment. Can't complain, Grandad left me a house, I've got a knock-out girlfriend I don't have to worry about accidentilly snapping in half, and occasionally I get to do a little bit of good for the rest of the world.

Subject: Fury
Abilities: Transforms into dimi-human creature of outstanding speed possessing enhanced senses and retractable claws capable of defeating almost all known materials natural or man-made. Appears to be in complete control and retains full mental capacities within this altered state
Education: High School, some college (dropped out third semester, unspecified reasons)

In Their Own Words:
OK I know you want me to transform for this but I told you I can't speak when I'm fuzzed out. That and I saw the stuff you clean this place with and I am notsniffing that for the next however long this lasts. Can we get on with this? Great.

Great, groovy. I got asked to 'donate' some of my time here because i"m one of the few people the suits know of that physically changes, and one of maybe a handful that can pull that trick off without being driven insane by the process. They wanted to look at the rest of my family, see if anyone else had anything close to what i had. My aunt used to, but we haven't seen her since 9/11. She wasn't anywhere near Ground Zero. Just poof, gone.

Back to task. Other than having a ten foot tall raging alter-ego that comes out to play when I need to sling weight around I’d like to think I'm just a normal girl. Fine yes OK I'm a gamer, which is supposedly some kind of big huge holy crap. Whatever. I'm going back to school now that things are starting to settle out. Family's not too big on me registering. Wasn’t too big on my prom date either... said they didn't want me dating a white guy. [eyeroll] Thought racism was supposed to be dead. That and... You know? Nevermind. I'm tired of this booth, the prodding and poking. Tired of Being penned up in here now get me outta here.

Subject: Priest
Abilities: Technopath
Education: Our Lady Mary's Christian College
Maj: Electrical Engineering
Min: History

In Their Own Words:
One of God's own jokes that He would have a man born and raised as a Mennonite able to bend all the modern doodads of the world to do with what he will. There's no other explanation I have for that wrinkle in my life. Found out when I was allowed out in the world to choose for myself what would become of me. First night away from home I... just knew there was something wrong with the car next to me. So I wait until guy comes out of this apartment, I stop him tell him something’s wrong. He asks what and i can't be any more specific than it's his car. He starts shoving past me when it blows up. Were I not there he would've been in the driver's seat by the time it went up. I saved his life, and he went on to testify and put some very bad and wicked people away from the world.

I do not like the wider world and feel unclean by all these contrivances. Yet I have been given power over these things and so I have a responsibility to use my gifts for the betterment of the world. I am grateful for this purpose in life, but wish it were something more in line with what I enjoy, like fishing, or carpentry, or even gardening. [sigh] Ah well. Take what moments you can in life I suppose.

Subject: Stryker
Abilities: Extreme Stealth
Education: Unknown

Note: Stryker has never spoken and will not submit to a medical examination. So it is unclear if he is even capible of speech. It should be noted that as this is being written I must assume he is both right behind me and able to completely vanish when I turn to see if that is true or not. He has been described as Ninja, yet he has little in common with that group of people outside of his stealthiness. It should be noted that though he maintains no conventional civilian identity he keeps close ties with his immediate family.

Just now been handed a sheet of paper that reads as follows: Any person or persons wishing to use my family as leverage, for whatever reason, will be shoved face first into a wood chipper.
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