Mini-Review: Percivel's Planet

Interesting book here. Starts with Clyde Tombah, discoverer of Pluto, as an old man going to speak for a group of amateur astronomers. It ends with him coming home from that trip. In the middle of these two bookends is an interesting web of his life, the lives of several people from Lowel observitory, Constaince Lowel, and a few other people besides.

I've never been too big on fictionalized historical figures. Actually wayt yes I am. Of course it all depends on the qualityof the writing and how respectful the material is. This book feels very genuine in it's storytelling of the year or so leading up to the discovery of what used to be our ninth planet.

It's a good book by an author who seems to have a good grasp of how to tell a slow paced story that still manages to keep you wanting to know what's going to happen next. Given the focus of this blog, specifically my contributions so far, I feel it's something I should take notes off of.
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