Mini-Review: ShareThis!

    I will be honest. I didn't like this book. That isn't because the author didn't try giving us relevant information and sound advice. Maybe it was the writing style that got under my skin or me feeling like I was being accused of something the whole time. I won't fault Miss Zandt for being \intelligent and I'm sure my feelings of accusation are personal and somewhat wrong-headed (since I'm sure her editor would have pointed the problem out and asked for a rewrite.)
    Actually many valid points are made about how apparently leaderless systems seem to reinforce bias that are supposedly the reason leaders are removed in the first place, as well as other dangers in social media even while Ms. Zandt encourages their use as a replacement for top down hierarchy 'We Know Better' type systems (such as traditional media.)

Just like Lord of the Rings it's one of those books who's content I like but i can't get past the writing. Whether it has depth beyond 'white men still control things and we're letting them.' I leave in your hands. As a first book to pass my desk to get a bad review I have to say even though I didn't like it, it isn't all that bad... that or maybe i"m just trying to save face in not being able to read the thing without feeling lost. I dunno.
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