Mini-Review: To Hell on a Fast Horse

Billy the Kid. Few western outlaws are more famous or have had more books, movies, songs, and controversy centered on them. I haven't really tried having more than a passing interest in the historical west. Why? Hard to tell what's fact and what's not. That and many accounts seem to be as dry and dusty as the arid hills of Lincoln county.

What Lee Gardener does here, in addition to telling the lives of Pat Garret and Billy Bonny from beginning to end as far as records and recorded first hand accounts (often muddied by upwards of forty or fifty years between these events and the recording, but we'll take what we can get.) as well as explaining the situations surrounding both men's lives. He does this quite well and manages to tell a gripping complex account that, as far as I can tell, is as close to the reality of things as we're likely to get without the invention of time-travel.

I enjoyed this book and it has a place on my bookshelf reserved for when funds become available.
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