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And with this we get back to the land of the familiar, and a long overdue murder investigation. Just remember, in story it's only been a week, tops, since everything started.


While they were being driven back to the world of the familiar and everyday Ricky was silent. What happened was still processing and he wasn't sure how to frame his question. Plus Anubis motioned for quiet every time he tried speaking.

When they finally stopped and Ricky was let out Anubis rolled his window down and looked at the man. "You still have a murder investigation to help along. I'll keep in touch." And with that said the car sped away, disappearing in the most literal of ways once it merged with traffic.

Anubis was right. The John Doe that started this God-Ball rolling was still considered unsolved. He was still officially on leave due to psychiatric reasons so he didn't have direct access to the body. Still, he had his notes and pictures he'd copied over. While that was more likely than not a huge no-no he had taken the chance anyway after that first night's visit.

Because it had been days since he had reviewed the material it was almost as if he were seeing it for the first time, and what he saw bothered him. Postmortem wounding was consistent with the victims of Sekmet's rampage, which made sense in a way. The strangulation-by-silk-cord bit didn't. Anubis told him a group of militants had strung his prior body up. Had they been the one to loose Sekmet? Was it merely coincidental that she was there at the time?

He grumbled and fumed as his mind poured over the data. None from the communities he'd walked had gone missing, or anything out of the ordinary. Oh there were the usual line of threats, door knockers, and the odd bit of vandalism, though that last was rare it wasn't outside of what Ricky had considered normal.

"Speak and be heard." Alice's voice was upbeat when she answered the phone.

"Mind coming over for a bit?" Hard asking a near-stranger, even one that had common interests, to show at your door on short notice. "Need you to help me pick through an old puzzle."

"Oh," Decidedly less happy voice. "Give me twenty and I'll be over."


"Homicide's got this one and isn't sharing." Alice frowned at the pictures and copied reports. "All I've heard is the same song and dance you did. Group of nuts taking Old Testament judgment too literal." She tapped one of the pictures showing the cord. "Why white?"

"Why not? Maybe it was the cheapest they could get."

Alice shook her head, "I'd gotten asked into a group early." She took a breath, held it, and let it out slow. "When I saw how they wanted to go about things I bailed. Saw a few other groups like that too. Did research into the Davideans, Jim Jones, and a few of the millennial groups. Most religious groups put meaning on all kindsa crap. You know that."

Rick nodded slow. "So? It's just a cord like you'd get off a set of really nice drapes. Nothing special there."

"How long have you kept a shrine going?" Barely contained exasperation to Alice's voice.

"Off and on since college. Why?"

"White. Purity. Purification maybe? You didn't find anything on the body?"

Headshake, "Other than the mauling that's likely Sekmet's doing? None."

Alice looked thoughtful. "Think she busted in and broke everything up before they got that far?"

"I dunno." Ricky did a quick look through and pulled up pictures of the crime scene. The place was pure chaos. Everything was hacked into or broken apart. If one were to look past that it might have once been a reasonably nice looking room.

"You find anything out about her kids?" Alice looked over at Ricky hopefully. "Might give her motive to hunt them down. When they fled she settled on busting the place up."

Slight nod, "Tracks with what the stories say about her." He then started explaining what he'd seen during his examination/embalming of the children's bodies.

"Both strangled, no marks though. You get any samples?"

"They wouldn't let me. No marks or residue, though the latter could be because they'd been scrubbed head to foot."


Ricky grunted and looked back at the pictures spread in front of them.
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