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Liking this. Really am. It gives me so amny ways to set up for so many other bits all while telling a story that should stand on it's own. The question is, however, how do I get everything tied up without looking like i'm rushing?


"Thank you Priestess." Ricky stood in front of a crowd of maybe two dozen, maybe a little more, gathered in a rented basement room for their collective services. The preaching, chanting, burnt offerings, and such usually end with a closing prayer for guidence and an after meeting dinner, but while everyone was gathered Ricky took his chance to speak.

"About a week ago," How to phrase getting mauled by a pissed off goddess when the powers themselves wanted you to keep a low key? "About... I got attacked. It was all over the papers, several dead lots of speculation." A few nodding heads. "OK good. Night before that I'd looked at a body that came in. Strangled, Mutilated after death. It's been kept out of the news because they don't want to start a panic, or scare whoever did this off, but the police think it might be a group of zealots targeting what they consider cult worship."

Pause to take in the crowd. Plenty of familiar faces. Even a few door ringers trying to 'show wayward children back home' were sitting in the back. He smiled at this and nodded to them. "First let me make this perfectly clear. I refuse to make a blanket statement that it's any one group. As our guests here prove that tolerance and good faith aren't quite dead yet, and for your time I thank you."

"Unfortunately the problem still stands and while it is being investigated I feel some obligation to try helping the police as much as possible." He was sweating bullets here. Too many details he couldn't go into that he desperately wanted the others to know. Had their faith not earned them the right to know that their whispered prayers and enduring public ridicule is not in vain?

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. "Do any of you know Eli Mohammad?" When he opened his eyes he saw one person in the crowd step forward.

"He used to be my boss before I'd moved." Rail thin, delicate face, fine mouse brown hair. He nodded to himself. "Actually he's the reason I'm here."

"I'm sorry for your loss then, and I'm sorry about this but I must ask you when you saw him last and if there's anyone that might have had a grudge against him." Police questions, probably already had been asked to the girl, but Alice had told him to ask anyway in case anything had shaken loose between then and now.

The woman had the additional pressure of being in a crowd when asked these things. Sure it was a crowd largely of friends in a place of safety, but still a crowd of onlookers. She had a far away look on her face for long moments before shaking her head. "I remember this antiques dealer, evangelical sort that just wouldn't leave him alone. He'd filed harassment charges and tried getting a restraining order placed. Seems like it didn't do any good."

Several people around her offered comforting words then, which seemed to get her more flustered than anything else. "David something or other. Starts with an M. I've got his card somewhere. Used to like browsing there before he got all weird. Cops won't touch him, says something about not enough evidence to get him down from Canada." She snorted, "Harassment for months on until he's dead and this guy gets to walk?" Anger seemed to make the diminutive girl swell.

"Thank you child." Anubis's voice. Different face and body but same voice, or near enough anyway. He stepped from the shadows to take the woman's hand. None seemed to react to him, possibly out of the suddenness of his appearance, possibly some glamor.

Ricky saw him take something from the woman before inclining his head to their guests. "You are always welcome in our house." Out the door. Gone.

With Anubis gone things broke down into the more usual routine. Food, small talk; though in deference to their guest's comfort the offerings were held off until they had left. They were nice enough to come and keep civil after all.

Alice frowned. "I'll start digging when I get back to work."

"Honestly, what do you think?" Ricky sounded worried. He understood the reasons for most of the hoops and red tape that existed, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

A shake of her head and a frown was Alice's only answer. "So, I hear you got a few observers."

With the subject changed Ricky smiled. "Nice group, kept the debating civil and actually took notes... that were actual notes and not chicken scratching. Maybe I'm buying too much into the stuffed and ridged Catholic stereotype." he chuckled, "Wouldn't that be something of a cosmic joke. Get all bent out of shape then do the same hand wave and 'you're intolerant pricks' in return."

"Sad but s'how it usually goes. I'm sure they appreciate Jon and Anna letting them have a looksee."

"So long as it doesn’t show up on Faux as some sort of 'expose of a godless cult.'" Eyeroll at the thought.
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