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    Given this is the last third of the story I had thought to introduce a few complications to the mix. HOpefully what I'm doing isn't too overdone or wrongly approached. As always commentary is useful.


Ricky was taken more than a little off guard by this. He hadn't thought the summoning would work, not really. It was only a little paint, a few candles, and only a little bit of his blood. "I... uh sorry for yanking you away from whatever you were doing Sir." Always a good idea to apologize, "But I did not know who else I could call for information."

Anubis stood calmly within the confines of the summoning circle and waited. He could break free if he wanted, but it had been a very long time since anyone had bothered Calling him. However Ricky was starting to babble. Mustn’t have that now. "And?" He growled low, "What is it?"

Attention refocused. Ricky shuddered at the look in the god's eyes. "It's Alice, she's gone."

He snorted, "Call missing persons? Talk to her landlady? One does not call down the divine l-"

"There's no record of her ever existing." Even calm voice in spite of the fact Ricky was terrified at having probably overstepping what he could do without getting ripped to itty bitty pieces.

Anubis went from annoyed to interested in roughly a heartbeat. "Horus's child yes? Dark hair, dark skin, green eyes, that sound like her?" Ricky nodded. "Strange, as I understand it having no paper trail or other records of your life are next to impossible while functioning in your country, yes?"

"If you kept yourself to menial labor and used the same methods illegal immigrants use it's possible." Ricky conceded after a few moments to look at the problem. "Trouble is she was posing as a cop, and they take an extra long look at you before letting you in for training, educating, and the like for fairly obvious reasons." Obvious to him at least. Would be more than an embarrassment to let someone with a criminal history or someone that wasn't supposed to be in the country work as law enforcement. Imagine someone with ties to gangs or other similar groups that could not only get their hands on the sort of equipment most departments had, but also had access to patrol routes, duty rosters, and other such information.

Anubis seemed to recognize something of this. "Indeed. Casting the wolf as the sheep's guardian is self-destructive." He paced within the confines of the circle as he considered potential actions. "I could just ask Horus what's become of her, though if he's playing his own game I doubt a direct confrontation will do anything other than antagonize him. Maybe she left some clue or tell-tale of her passing. You two were, if not friends, allies. I find her behavior disturbing."

Ricky watched and listened as the god thought the problem over. Eventually Anubis turned to face Ricky before making a gesture and breaking the circle and heading to the kitchen. When Ricky looked at the now broken summoning circle he frowned. The writing had changed from hieroglyphs to plain English and now read 'A nice attempt for a beginner with little knowledge to work off of, but as it is barely adequate a barrier for shades and restless spirits it is far too little to hold me or my kin anywhere. We will continue our discussion in the kitchen.'

When he got to the kitchen he was handed a coke and a sandwich. "Sit." Anubis pointed to a chair that scooted itself away from the table. "Please."

After Ricky did as instructed Anubis looked at him. No, not with the distance in his eyes. His head turned but he wasn't looking at Ricky. "Horus told me something of this girl and I urge you to leave the matter alone Richard."

"Why? Didn't you ask me to find out what happened? She's a clue she's-" Ricky bargain, but was cut off.

"An immortal." Anubis interrupted. "She is also a magi of some considerable skill. Perhaps her business here relates to Nemesis. Perhaps she is merely passing the time. Either way her involvement with you is apparently at an end. I can get no further with Horus without pressing, and that is something I do not risk for very little apparent reward."

"But-" Ricky tried speaking but was again silenced.

"I know, you feel like you need to know what is happening so you know which way is your best course."

Ricky shook his head. "It's not that exactly Sir. Everything's getting over my head here and if I"m expected to do I'm going to need help to keep from sliding under."

"I see." He might have, or the god might have been trying to buy himself breathing room.

"Do I have your permission to try bringing a few others into this?"

"You may, but convincing them you're not delusional could be a problem." Anubis kept his expression neutral when he spoke. "I dare not upset matters even more than they already have by showing myself as I really am."

Annoyed? Sure. Richard was annoyed. "You outright blurted what you were to me!"

"A singular risk I was forced to make to have an agent that could move freer than I am normally. The god's expression soured. "Were I able to act as freely here in this world as you are I would never have shown myself."

"So you don't care about the sort of humiliation and suffering we face by being nonconformists to the Book People huh? It's all about what we can do for you." Were he able to take those words back Ricky would have, but a moment's impatience and aggravation has left him saying something very regrettable.

"Is that what you think?" Anubis eyed the man before his expression sagged. He looked like he'd gotten slapped by Ricky's words. Who knows, maybe he had been. "I'm sorry you feel that way." He got up and started for the door.

"Wait! Please I'm-" The door slammed shut leaving Richard more alone than he had been in a very long time.
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