Setting Saturday: Ayn

Ayn is a fantasy setting that borrows ideas from various sources. It steals the biggest element from Record of Lodoss War with the cycle of epic conflicts between good and evil. It's blatantly a D&D setting as well.

Halflings were the first people dreamed into existence, at least according to them. Their language is so weird, who knows what they're talking about anyway. Ayn is the world-god who is dreaming of the world, and the halflings were the first to be dreamed into existence.

Later others would arrive, and the halflings called them Kin. Mountain Kin and Cave Kin, the dwarves and orcs. Then the Sea Kin and Gem Kin, the mermaids and elan. Eventually there arose a living city, a god unto itself, called Adoran, who created the City Kin- humans. These City Kin dreamed of an endless litany of little gods to explain how things work.

Eventually outsiders came, smelling of places where the raw elements of the universe emerged. They invaded Ayn and caused disasters in their wake. Eventually the halflings and their Kin defeated them.

There was also the millennia-long cycle of conflict between the goddesses of light and darkness, beginning anew every time the Black Mask found a new host. Unrest and conflict presaged the march of the dark armies against the heroes of light.

The long stable years were broken when the Star Kin crashed their city-ship onto Ayn, called elves by humans. They had been attacked by their darker kin out in the stars. Now they must forge a new home on Ayn.
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