Setting Saturday: Supernal Void

The nature of the setting is that symbolism is important. Things are shaped a certain way. Ships are shaped like fish because fish swim through water. The symbolic resonance means the ships take on some characteristics of fish, such as being able to move.

Well, this isn't entirely true, but it's how the inhabitants of the Supernal Void think. It shapes their magical practices. It is only where magic is involved that symbolic resonance actually works. Voidships work because they're shaped like aerial and aquatic animals- the shape resonates and gives the voidship some characteristics of the animal it's imitating.

Voidship engines work because, they say, some titan said so and put the knowledge of void engines into the fabric of the leylines. Any artificer skilled enough can build one, from the little things powering lifeboats to the multi-chambered monstrosities that propel Leviathan-class ships through the void. You could liken this to Prometheus giving the gift of fire to man, I suppose.
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