Texas Sized Trouble

Well. What to do now? I've got my first story finished (though in hindsight I'm not entirely happy with the ending.) There's a whole world to explore and I've even left myself a way to keep my cast on. Still, 'excuse to see the shiney new world I've built' doens't seem like much of an interesting story. Oh sure Lord of the Rings managed it, but it wasn't travel just for its own sake either. So I suppose I need to reassert Edward's main reason for going dirt-side. Time to get this dirtball moving.

Tanks, aircraft, and constructs that defy modern description stood in it's way. To artillery shell or titanic metal fists these things fell before the great metal giant. Even when bombs fell and the power of the atom was used against it the metal giant seemed to continue on unimpeeded. Finally it found it's objective, a titanic war-beast grown from perverted science and still vulnerable within it's cacoon. Alas the metal giant is too late, the beast emerges to show that it will have no easy victory here.

"You've got to be kidding me." Edward looked down at the game board. His Iron Giant was almost dead and Jack's Engineered Monstrosity just finished exiting it's pupa stage.

At the other end of the game board Jack smirked. It had been a gamble to invest most of his build points into a long-developing unit that was defensless until fully matured. However it paid off and Edward had nothing left that could stand up to it. Both men knew this and by silent agreement that's where the game ended. Each carefully packed their painted wood and tin armies away before dismantling the different board and scenery sections.

Across the room their audiance had, probably hours earlier when they realized both sides were using a long buildup stratagy, started amusing themselves with a stack of records, a gramaphone, and a deck of cards. Jack and Edward joined them when cleanup was done.

The merriment was good, but tainted by the fact their idleness was an enforced one until the various damages to Jack's airship were repaired. They were lucky in the basic structure remaining intact and there being no life threatening injuries when the krakken attacked, but by no streatch did they walk away unscathed. Three months in Galviston can testify to this.

It was that this town, even long after the days of easy oil much less the collapse of the nation-state that it was originally part of, was still thriving port that amused Edward to no end. It amused him even more when the locals, seeing his great stature and accidental feats of strength while wrestling an entire crowd of drunks their first week in town, wanted to 'adopt' him as one of their own. Everywhere he'd been in the monts since their collective brush with death Edward drew stares. Given that he was over seven feet tall and of dark complexion and bright red hair down past his shoulders it was understandable. Still, he drew far more of a crowd than he had originally thought.

Enough of this though. We do not want to have this story bogged down further. We want Action! Adventure! Violence? A byproduct of action, regrettable but still there. So. Whole airship crew stuck on the ground while their craft is being repaired. There's bound to be something of interest going on. One doens't keep several dozen people pinned up away from thier livelyhood without tensions mounting and the unpredictable becoming inevetable.

Let's see...
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