Ayn: Halflings

The halflings aren't the savages that other races think they are. They're actually very sophisticated. The reason other people have such difficulty with their language is because it's extremely complex, incorporating song, rhythm, and movement into the grammatical structure.

Though considered nomadic by everybody else, the halflings are just migratory. Their cities are well-hidden affairs where the old and young live while the adults go out into the world to experience it. Halfling cities are built high on Heaven Spire mountains, where even dwarfs and their airships won't go. There, the elderly teach the young about the movements of celestial bodies and the events that they foretell. The halflings have thousands of years mapped out based on the subtle tell of the stars.

When they come of age, the halflings regard it as a sacred duty to the dreaming god Ayn to wander the world and experience the great god's dream first-hand. Every year when winter spreads, the halflings return to their cities with stories and things found on their journeys. Celebrations and funerals mark the long winter, to express the joy for those who return and to guide those who didn't into their next life.

They are the Ayn-rei, Ayn's People.
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