Entrecard: Lookback Number Three

OK, so Entrecard is having a bit of a promotion for sites that use their service to get a few thousand points (that can then be spent on buying advertising on other widget enabled blogs.) I've already done a couple reviews:

Entrecard: Experements in Traffic Enhancement
Entrecard: One Month Later

So. The rules require a review listing pros and cons of the service offered along with a link back to the contest page.

So what've the pro's been? Traffic has gone up noticeably and I've found several interesting and insightful blogs I wouldn't have otherwise.

And the Cons? Most of the traffic gained through Entrecard is blowthrough stuff from people looking for a quick click and on to the next blog. Also clicking through them is time intensive (even if you're cheating via entrecard toolbar... no i won't provide links.) Additionally because life has handed me a rough patch lately I haven't been as on the ball about blog checking as I would have otherwise, so my web presence is diminished as a result. Finally there are just some blogs I've seen that seem nothing but wallspace for ads, or have gone un-updated for months (which really sucks since a few of 'em were really good.) This is less an entrecard problem though and more people being greedy and shooting themselves in the leg, or abandoning a blog but not delisting themselves.
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