The Lady Hawk flew, persued by a monster from our futre and it's past. There was no resoning with the crew of this lumbering beast, that looked less like the styalized machines from mecha anime and more like the drug induced lovechild of Gieger, a xemobiologist, and a catolog of late ninteenth century weaponry.

Picture, if you would, a greyhound, lean whippy body built to run flat out. Cover it in plate iron. Adorne it with brass. Mount a fold down artillery cannon on it's back. This is what persues the crew my stories have centered around.

Even though they cannot, as yet, actually reach their target they can follow and have done so for three days, crossing several different territories, and all while making radio calls to persons as yet unknown for reasons that will become clear later.

For my part I shall not overly demonize them for their relentless persuit. The ship they chase contains several pieces of technology that had, up until that time, been a state secret and they either would like a peaceful return of this property, or the destruction of the vessel and crew. Not the most high minded of reasons to fight, but it is what it is.

So? Why do they follow when they canot attack?

"Captain!" Deets's voice was a mix of worry and urgancy. The man who's attention he was trying to grab looked up from a map covered table. Neither man looked like he had much sleep but on seeing the look on the colored man's face all wearyness was washed clean, if only for a moment, by adrinalen.

"Julian and Crane both say they been hearin that beast callin for air support. Says the Daks have a squad commin in along with ground support."

Captain Jack nodded then glanced at the charts. "Bit far for them to come. Didn't see anywhere they could put down so they're trying to scare us." Deets nodded, but said nothing. After seeing the man still standing there Jack handed him a piece of paper wit hseveral numbers. "Give helm these course corrections and get Billy up here."

When Deets left the mask of calm that was Jack's face cracked. "Have we let them run us into a trap?"

Edward, useful even though he claimed no special knowledge of weather patterns, shook his head. "We went where it was easiest to go and iwth the least amount of red tape. IT's not like you should have known Astelan made a pact with the Dakotas." Calm voice with a slight rumble. "Don't like taking us into a fight. Don't know how much of a beating the cloth can take." This in refference to the spidersilk weave that made up the envelope's outer shell.

Jack nodded again. "i'll have billy run drills in case we get boarders, won't make much difference if they hit one of the gasbags, but better busy than sitting on our hands."


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