Freeform Friday

And now for a little change in scenery. Might elaborate on this but as of 'now' my creative steam isn't working in this direction but I made a promise to stick to schedule and I really would hate to lose my buffer. Too many lapses when I've let it run out.

"Interesting request yes. Yes very interesting indeed." Rail thin, black hair, somewhat vaccant expression while thumbing through several books lain out on a table off to one side while looking at what could best be described as fear factor meets iron chef. "Sadly very easy too."
This scene played out in the kitchen of what could have been a tolerably nice suburban home in a, if not great, livable nieghborhood. This man wasn't alone in the house, as useful and helpful as he had been his minders didn't trust him by himself longer than they could help.
"Shoo buddy whatcha cookin in there?" Thick accent, dark skin, and full of the sort of swagger was the man's current minder. We'll get back to ethnic and upbringing issues later. For now all that needs to be known is that he had a gun on hand and he has used it before to kill people.
The man 'cooking' motioned the other over to get a closer look, even though he knew perfictly well his companion wouldn't come anywhere near the foul smelling brew he was mixing unles he absolutely had to. "Come and see for yourself Joshua. Your boss wants me to mix maeyham for him?" A thin smile was on him when he spoke. "This will fil his order just fine."
"Yea?" Joshua endured the acrid and sick smells that had built up by this round of 'cooking' as well as several things that were simmering and bubbling on the stove. "Whatcha plan on doin', run everybody outta town with tha smell?"
The man snorted, "This isn't half as bad as what they wanted me to mix for my last job." He made notes in crisp neat handwriting in one of the books lain out beside him. "This'll only blind and confuse long enough for you and your boys to get in and get out, but without the potential mind warping insanity after."
Joshua grunted. "You're the man with the big hoodoo. It works we're solid." A thought crossed his mind, which was a rare thing considering his mind was typically focused on the les complicated things in life. "Why're you worried about keeping these ritch idiots sane anyway?"
Time passed while the man mixed, ground, and otherwise did things that could have been cooking, or possibly something more like creating home-made medicines.
"Hey. I'm talkin' to you boy." Joshua was slightly irritated wit hthe man's silence.
"You wouldn't understand." He never met Joshua's eyes, or even looked up from his work. "I get told what to do and i do it. I wasn't told to kill a building full of people, so I'm not."
"Oh don't go gettin soft on us."
The man took a breath and let go. Joshua didn't know the man he was badgering could have done any number of terrible things to him, or maybe he did and just didn't care.
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