Minecraft Musings: 2

I apologize for the late update. Life is hectic and full of stress and other Bad Things I won't go into here, plus stuff still needs to be taken care of 'round the house. Hard to do considering Minecraft is eating up most of my time.

Let's see. I've had the game since last Wednesday. So....

First off I immediately ditched the default textures with Painterly's Pack. It isn't that I think the original textures are ugly. It's just that from what I could see before I'd bought the game they added a little bit of flavor that wasn't present. Sure it's no HD OMG EPIC!!!!11111one difference. Painterly has stated in big bold flashing text that they will only do 16x16 textures, since that's what the official game files support.

I apologize, this isn't supposed to be a review. There are thousands of minecraft reviews on the net already. Youtube has been flooded by minecraft videos, tutorials, lets play, and it's just Nuts. What made it huge? Why? It's got extremely poor graphics. I mean not even Doom level fo graphics since everything is the same sized block, unless it's an object and even then the collision is still handled in the same Block form and size. So it would be closer to Wolfenstein than Doom. It's in Java so that pretty much ensures that even after optimizations this game will always require more memory than one would think at a glance. There isn't even an official tutorial level yet, and if you aren't ready by nightfall, You Die. You hear that unmistakable SSSSS of a creeper and aren't fast enough to get away, You Die. Fall into lava. You Die.

Noob Tube hit the nail on the head with their minecraft episode I think. Unlike Maya, or Blender, or other more traditional world building toolsets (or even level editors) that allow near photo realistic objects of jaw-dropping but are so complicated most people wouldn't take the time to learn Minecraft is Simple. Even though it'll never be anything but a pile of blocks go look through Youtube, you will see dozens, if not hundreds, of works of art. The Reichstag, the Enterprise D, Notre Dame Cathedral, entire Cities... It's all been built for no other reason than that it could be done.

There has been a working computer built in this game just from what's available in the Alpha. Think about that one for a moment. Oh sure minecraft isn't the first game to do that, Dwarf Fortress already has a working programmable Dwarf Computer, and then there's the slew of Automatic Mario and all other manner of using game logic and physics to make oddball rubegoldbergian contraptions; however Minecraft is only in Alpha (so's Dwarf Fortress I believe) and it's just jawdropping when you consider it.

Haven't had a chance personally to test multiplayer out, but if Darzoni hasn't done so yet has at least had the opportunity, I've heard and seen all kinds of awesome done with Multiplayer (in fact most of these Great Works on youtube are multiplayer creations) and it really does remind me of the graphical equivalent to text based MUDS and MUSH's (which are still alive, albeit generally depopulated save for a handful of really active sites.) You're given a world where everything can be changed at will, and the tools are right there, nto having to access a console or anything remotely complex. Just... Blocks.

Doesn't hurt that Notch got some great music from C148 which does a good job of fitting the retro atmosphere.
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