Musings: Minecraft and Randomish

Things that would be Hilarious and or Awesome in Minecraft

In honour of Halloween I want somebody to get a Server up and going and get a bunch of people to reenact the Thriller Video. All of it. Would be easier of the day-night cycle could be halted while filming, or one could dig out a huge cavern, set view distaince to tiny, and have grass and trees grown by torchlight work for the natural-ish bits.

Recreate Helms Deep: Apparently being worked on but wasn't that impressed with what I saw on Youtube.

Recreate Minas Tirith: Done, complete with blocky representations of Sauron's army and The Eye in the background. Very Impressed

Recreate Doom: Well E1M1 looked to be mostly recreated anyway. Was impressed. Want to see more.

Strife Demo Recreated: The starting town area is what one sees in the demo, so it shouldn't be that aweful to recreate. Won't be exact since lifts and trap doors are used, but it'd be close.

If a few more decorative pieces can be found I might have a go at one of these mega-projects, but I dunno to be honest. I have a bad track record of starting and never finishing when life gets in the way. Example being me owing the zelda classic community a detailed quest.

The Von Braun from System Shock 2: Build it. Build it Nao. We got Rapture. Why not this? Hell. Why not build Citadel Station?

Pick any of the old Lego Playset castles. Build it.

Apologies for all the Minecraft posts, but things haven't really been that rosey lately and it's the one game i haven't played enough to be sick of just yet. That and I'm more than a touch burnt out on writing. Next week should give me the spark I need to keep going for awhile, but at preasent I could use a tiny break... which is why I'm glad I have a buffer in place for my story material.

Also quite glad for my co-contributer getting on the ball with their own material. Interesting, even if I haven't paid enough attention lately to give a constructive writeup. That too shall change, as it's fairly rude ot whine for commentary and people to pay attention when you won't do the same in return.

Never Fear. Next week starts my daily story postings.
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