Request Monday

I had a bit of a time figuring out what to put here. after all for whatever reason Ricky's supernatural help, and reason he was in the middle of this anyhow, had walked out on him. I don't like the 'person a does something unintentionally stupid' 'person b gets upset and calls a out on it.' 'a and b go separate ways until they realize they need eachother.'. Hollywood's beaten that one into the ground. Trouble is i believe that's exactly what i"ve made happen so if it feels trite and overdone, I apologize. If not... well... uh... thanks?

Even after several hours Richard was mentally pacing through that brief but strange encounter as well as other facts that he'd managed to hang onto since his life had gotten strange. The, for lack of better word, Gods of old apparently kept ties with eachother over the millinia, or possibly only started just recently. All of them were worried about some creature... entity... thing that would turn the human population into the largest all you can eat buffet imaginable, which would also mean even these 'gods' would die due to lack of worship. So does that mean when we stopped worshiping them they stopped existing and only came back into being when popular culture picked them up again? Risky shook the thought away as interesting, but likely not important at the moment. Rather he labeled it as important, but too far on a tangent to worry about. Somebody had killed a body Anubis had created for himself. Why though? Ricky frowned. The drive everything was on was in a condom but either the string'd broke or he never tied it off. So how could he have gotten it out- Pause as realization hit. Eww. Alright he had data he didn't want some random mugger to grab. There was somebody that wanted what he knew and either killed him so it wouldn't get passed along or killed because it didn't look like he had it on him. At some point Ricky found himself pacing his apartment. He didn't think any better on the move, but even so he was feeling restless. He wasn't a cop, and his used-to-be-ally was the one that was supposed to do all the deductive reasoning. Unfortunately she turned out to not exist according to anybody's records and even his patron deity had told him poking further would only irritate his relatives. Ricky had found himself staring at Anubis's shrine. It had only been a couple days since he'd last used it, but residue from offerings past as well as leavings from incense and candles that hadn't been cleaned up made the thing appear insulting somehow. So he'd carefully taken it apart and started cleaning all the different bits that usually got dirty during his personal services. I'm still mad at him for cutting me out and being rude about it. He told himself as he went about this task, Maybe tomorrow I'll see if I've completely burned that bridge or not. It felt, to him anyway, too much like a couple's spat. One person does something unintentionally aggravating, they argue, walk away, then eventually figure out both were being morons about the whole matter. Before that, however, he carefully reassemble the now clean shrine and made a call. Ring ring. "Hey, now a bad time?" Pause. "Ah.. yea actually I wanted to know if you, Mike, and a few of the others could swing by. I need a few people I can talk to." Longer pause. "I know I've been acting like a drip lately but this is kind of important." He scrambled for something to write with and started taking notes. "OK... thanks."
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