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This is it, the last segment of this story. I'd not known I would have taken this long when I first took the request. Monday after next is the first of November and the start of a story I'd first gotten a pitch for more than a year ago. I'm more than a little afraid I might not do a good job on this one since I'm not all that huge on the whole 'single person gains artifact and starts beating the everloving daylights out of Everybody.' Still, it's a challange and I said I'd do it, so I'm gonna.

Plus I need more material for this year's NaNoWriMo and who knows, I didn't expect to be so attached to Richard and this lot we'll see how this next one turns out.

That is later. For now I have a story to finish.

 Getting everyone to believe that he wasn't crazy after he had given a brief retelling of his doing since being put on the trail he was on was surprisingly easy. Stress, all of them had put his standoffish down as stress from having a difficult case on his hands and almost getting killed at work. Of course he hadn't, at that point, told them about his relationship to the being he worshiped. One step at a time.

 Next was to show everyone the copied over contents of the drive. He frowned at the folder, half expecting the whole thing to have been either deleted or garbled into unreadability. Instead what he got was the original images as well as the translation of the translation which made reading far simpler for the home audience.
 After letting everyone have a skim each frowned. Take things from their perspective after all. They have had no dealings with the supernatural and here was a set of texts explaining that some ancient sealed away entity was soon to break free from a prison that it had been stuck in since the end of the crusades.

 One of those that Ricky had brought in, the woman that had told him who had wanted this information in the first place, looked lost in thought. Granted Anubis, in the fleshy disguise he was wearing at the time, had been her boss and this was what he had apparently been killed over so it was somewhat natural really. He himself wasn't sure how best to approach the rest of the group so he'd left them to talk amongst themselves while he got drinks. That's when he noticed someone had left something in his fridge. He looked at it, unwrapped the note from the bottle it had been taped to, and frowned before heading to the door.

 He had half expected the man that he found waiting on the other side and nodded in the man's direction. "I haven't told them the stranger bits yet. I wanted to get the more mundane things told while I still have some credibility."

 The man smiled and stepped through. "It is good you waited." Ricky let him by and watched him approach the rest of the group. The girl stopped mid-sentence and stared slack jawed at him.

 "You." She bowed her head to him. "I thought you might have been involved Lord."

 Ricky stared.

 The man nodded. "Aye lass. You'll have to forgive Richard here. He was more than a little afraid he wouldn't be believed."

 To Ricky's surprise the woman blushed slightly, "I'm sure you had nothing to do with that at all right?"
 It was his guest's turn to color but he said nothing else on the matter.

 The two others of the group looked rather confused, a condition that only worsened when his guest started explaining the more spooky aspects of recent happenings.

"So what you’re saying," Matt looked between Ricky and Anubis, "Is that Butcher was right even if he didn't quite mean to be?"

"In his own way, though the details are wildly different the idea he used of a collective subconscious giving life to me and my fellows has some truth."

Matt nodded quietly but was quiet.

"I suppose," Anubis took a deep breath then exhaled, "I suppose all of you want to know why we've been shying away from direct contact."

The woman shook her head, "I figured it was like you told me, nobody would believe us if we tried, and those that would aren’t really the sort that can function in normal society."

Mike grunted but continued to say nothing.

Anubis folded his arms and looked at the four mortals. "We still owe our followers several apologies," his eyes focused briefly on Ricky, "Some are owed more than others."

Something about this conversation felt different to Richard. It wasn't tension so much as some nameless energy hanging in the air. "All of you have read Thoth's notes?"

Everyone nodded.

"Then you know what we're faced with. Set has proposed a solution of sorts if things go," His eyes unfocused for a moment, "pear shaped. How much do all of you know of the supposed Rapture?"

Mike shook his head, "Load of crock really to give a few self important Christians a reason to feel superior." Confused looks from the rest. "OK TL;DR version. End of days come knocking, God reaches down and snatches the faithful away so it's only the unbelievers and Jews that have to put up with the worst of it."

Several eyebrows. Mike snorted, "Somebody even wrote a book series about what's supposed to happen." Pause. "What, I've got friends all over, some of 'em even like healthy discussion."

Anubis nodded. "Details get kind of strange but that's the gist of it. Each of my kin as well as those from the other houses have been given permission from On High to provide shelter for a portion of those that hold faith with us."

Lightbulb. Everyone starts speaking all at once.

"What about those that you can't take?" "Are we going to be leaving with you?" "When's this going down?"

Anubis raised a hand and suddenly everyone else in the room was silent. Mouths moved but no words came out.

"My apologies but if I may." No arguments, even if it were possible. "I hate the idea of leaving anyone, but there is only so much that can be tolerated before a panic is started by the wider masses, and none save the powers that be know if this contingency is even needed. Still, better to have than not yes?"

Again no arguments.

"Three days I will give you four as well as others I have gotten in touch with. On the fourth day I will come for you all. I don't promise a land of milk and honey, or whatever the modern equivalent is for easy living. In fact all of us are in pretty much universal agreement that having all of your needs totally covered would be a terrible thing. So instead we have provided a place for you to start over."

"Lord?" Ricky spoke soft, questioning.

Anubis nodded.

"I hope it doesn’t turn out as bad as you say. If we can't take our families..." He didn't want to finish, not out loud. Of course the thought didn't need finishing. If they couldn't take anyone with them and these measures were needed there's be a great number of upset and heartsick people.

"we'll cross that bridge if we come to it."


Yes I know I'm leaving the end wide open but you know what? I would have felt gravely uncomfortable with any sort of close. Not only would it have felt a bit cheap to go 'and they lived happily after all' but this whole story is supposed to lead into other things. Whenever i end up getting the entire collection bound and ready for sale hopefully everyone else will see where I've been going with the hints and little nibbles of information tossed about.

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