Setting Saturday: Caledon

Over time I've been tinkering with a game system called Burning Wheel. Actually I've mostly been using it as a basis for a setting. Primarily I've been building characters with it and using the characters' stories to build the world they exist in. This is a tradition that goes back to the dawn of RPGs, when Gygax and Arneson started the whole genre.

While Burning Wheel is a fantasy RPG, it enforces a very specific genre of fantasy. It enforces the kind of fantasy that Tolkien and LeGuin write. Magic is subtle and frightening, the protagonists very much flawed and fallible, and the supernatural is deadly. There are elves, dark elves, orcs, humans, and dwarfs, but they owe more to Tolkien than D&D's versions. With this in mind, let's look at the setting I've been growing. We shall start with the first character I made, which started the seeds of the setting. First is Johan Beard, a dwarf. Next will be Eyrdimeth Bluedawn, then Anton Berith

Johan Beard
The Battle of Viper Falls was a nasty battle where Elves & Dwarves fought off an Orcish horde at great cost. He was conscripted into the Dwarven Host and thrust into battle, unprepared for the horror of the Orc Legions. His mother died from injuries sustained in a cave-in sometime after the Battle of Viper Falls, precipitating Johan's departure from the mountain holds. He has come to believe that the Dwarven King unfairly exiled his father and many others and must be removed from the throne to save the Dwarves from themselves, based on the fragments of journals his father has written. Johan Beard is the name Men have given him. His real name is Skelfir Magnusson, and he does not share this name with non-Dwarves. Johan is an extremely humble dwarf, truly believing that he is only a miner. It takes extraordinary circumstances for Johan to forget this and accomplish the extraordinary.
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