Sundered Heavens: Human Genome Vaccine

Human Genome Vaccine Information Release, circa 80 GR

What is the Human Genome Vaccine (HGV)?: The HGV is a genetic treatment that removes the common flaws in the Human Genome at the genetic level, curing afflictions such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and cancers. It is the first effective non-specific gene therapy, utilizing the latest breakthroughs in medical nanotechnology.

Will the HGV turn me into a different person?: No, the HGV does not alter physical or mental features except where those features are caused by genetic flaws. It cannot cause a dark-skinned person to become fair-skinned, for example, but it can correct genetic disorders of the skin such as epidermolytic hyperkeratosis.

Who can be vaccinated with the HGV?: At present, only adults 25 Earth years and older can be administered the vaccine with very little risk. While newborns are capable of being vaccinated to correct congenital defects, the rapid cellular growth of children that young carries a 30% risk of death from organ rejection. Administering the vaccine to newborns can only be justified where the mortality risk would be much higher otherwise.

How long does it take the HGV to work?: The treatment itself takes two weeks of intensive care in a hospital for a typical patient. It then takes approximately seven years for all genetic problems to be excised by the body itself, depending on the specific growth rate of different tissues. Cancers, for example, are typically fast growing and are rendered benign and unable to undergo mitosis within weeks. The formerly cancerous cells then die off and are disposed of by the body normally over the course of a few months.

Will the HGV make me look younger?: No, but it will effectively halt the aging process at the age when the vaccine was administered. Prometheus Medical Technologies is working on adapting the HGV to repair long-term damage caused by aging. We’re confident that we will have this ready in twenty years.

How much does the HGV cost?: Nothing. Prometheus Medical Technologies believes that a breakthrough this incredible should not be monopolized by any one group or person. Like our mythic namesake, we are dedicated to bettering mankind.”

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