Sundered Heavens: A Post Human Universe

This is, more or less, a setting I've been kicking around my head for some time. It is a mish-mash of several White Wolf settings (Aberrant, Trinity/Aeon, Exalted) and the post-human fiction genre. Actually you could argue that the three White Wolf games I've mentioned are all about post-human entities, but I digress.

The basic concept is that humanity as we know it no longer exists. Even setting aside extreme body modifications, the humans that look like us... aren't us. They're sufficiently different in genetics that they're not us. They no longer suffer from genetic disorders and are effectively immune to the ravages of age. So, golden era where mankind spreads out in the stars.

Except it comes all crashing down because of alien machines invading human territories. The 'heroes' of the setting are psions, who were created by some scientists. These same scientists were blamed for attracting the alien machines, incidentally.

So the primary conflict here is the war between humans and the transmodals (alien machines). I'll try to put bits and pieces up every Sunday.
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