Sundered Heavens: War of the Worlds

To commemorate the War of the Worlds broadcast...

Una Mundi News Broadcast, 30.10.501 Galactic Reckoning
“Ladies and gentlemen, today we have a most disturbing tale to tell. This is not a hoax or entertainment program, this is reality.

“Fifteen standard days ago, the Prometheus system fell to an unknown assailant. We only have the fragmented accounts of the survivors and images from ship sensors to corroborate the attack. The enemy is described by the refugees as immense machine beings. Approximately four-hundred thousand souls escaped the system, bring the number of people either dead or missing somewhere near the twenty billion mark. The vast majority were killed as the starships were attempting to flee the system, destroyed before they could reach the system’s lone gate complex.

“The destruction of the Prometheus system comes at a time when the Promethean government is under scrutiny from the Terran Concordat for creating the genetically enhanced humans called psions and maintaining them as a paramilitary force. Detractors in the senate are saying that the machines are the result of a Promethean experiment run amok, accusing the Prometheus Enclave of opening Pandora’s box.“Despite this, or perhaps in spite of it, the survivors who did make it to the gate complex credit the Promethean psions with saving them. Many of them died to ensure the evacuation of civilians and military personnel. Among the most fantastic stories is that of Simon Anderson, who is one of the psions who survived.”

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