Supernal Void: People And Places

With a setting so potentially vast, one might wonder about the people who inhabit it. Simply put, it's pseudo-feudal, because most people are engaged in the business of surviving and living. They don't have time to go gallivanting among the stars and seeing miraculous things. Besides, planets are already pretty darn big things; you could spend a lifetime exploring one planet and still not see everything. Let the bigwigs worry about the big stuff like interplanetary politics and adventure.

Humanity exists in a kingdom spanning the stars, with the center of the galaxy called simply the Homeworld or Pax Imperium or Axis Mundi or some other important sounding thing. The Homeworld is probably the best for the flavor of the setting, though referring to the system as the Axis Mundi may exist as a spiritual/scholarly term. Because it literally is the center of the universe for the setting- Everything else revolves around /it/.

That said, I'm probably going to adapt the Exalted 2E system to do something with this setting.
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