Texas Sized Trouble

Short segment this time, but one I feel was important to keep as is. Too much depending on where talk of how this plays out for me to continue. Oh sure by the time this post shows up I'll probably have the rest of the month handled, but as of right 'now' September 16, I need to do a little more digging.

    The next morning Jack went to the ever-busy dockyards. Why, did he have family holdings, was he expecting a shipment of some widget or was he just bored? Yes, yes, and yes to all of it. Even though Jack fancied himself more of an explorer than aristocrat he did enjoy the finer things in life, so replacement furnishings had to be ordered along with the Lady Hawk's more mechanical needs, all fo which cost a pretty penny.
    Past the front offices he stroled, dodging this way and that to manouver through the ever-busy crowd, to meet with a well built stocky foreman. Said foreman was busy shouting orders to gangs mostly consisting of dirt and sweat covered gholem. Jack winced at the work these crowds had to endure before tapping the man on the shoulder. "Enrique. We need to talk."
    "Come back in an hour." Enrique stopped to bark more curse laiden orders to his underlings, "We'll be on break then."
    "No 'friend." Jack's grip on the man's shoulder tightened. "Not in an hour. Now." In spite of being drug away from his job in front of a large crowd Enrique made no move to free himself. Why is unclear, yet his expression and choked cries of pain pointed to him being unable to fight off this well dressed and apparently out of placed gentleman.
    When Jack stopped walking they were 'round the corner and just inside a mostly full warehouse. "Where is my money?"
    "I don't know what you-" Enrique's face scrunched in pain as Jack squeezed his shoulder harder. "I lost it on a horse race. Please." Jack squeezed harder. "You're hurting me."
    Jack's voice matched the hardness in his eyes. "That's the whole point. You were supposed to get in touch with Kid Holiday about my order. Now I'm late paying him and I still don't have those parts." He eased his grip but didn't let go. "So what am I supposed to do now... 'buddy'?"
    "I-I get your money back easy! Just need tim. Big ship coming in, lots of artifacts."
    This perked Jack's interest. "From where?" Depending on what you were trying to sell, and to who, pre-Doomsday salvage could fetch a great deal of money, or be little better tha na curious paperwieght.
    "I don't know. Germania, Rome, lots of stuff through there." Panic filled Enrique's voice. Their deal had been for him to act as Jack's middleman with a local parts dealer. Now he had both the dealer and buyer after him. "I can get you two hours before the musem people can pick through."
    The gears and cogs in Jack's mind turned. "If this is some sort of setup to get rid of me I have friends that will be more than happy to make your life misrible."
    "No tricks, promise!" Enrique shuddered to think at what these friends would do to him.
    "Now let's make with details."

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