Texas Sized Trouble

Originally this was going to be a short short update to the story due to Real Life issues. However because I've put my blog up for syndication via Kindle I feel I owe anyone willing to pay to read the best possible material I can deliver. Granted this puts me in something of a bind in terms of updating and such, but people will get their money's worth!

Deets looked at the five others he'd managed to round up from the crew. They were an assorted lot with the only commonality being that at present they each lacked any form of income other than what Jack had given them so they would come back when repairs were made. "All you know ol' Jack's got his mitts into something and he wants us to help him cart away whatever. Any of you have questions on how legally our business's gon be best get right now." Deets was silently grateful the bar was empty. It was, after all, daylight and while it was technically open this was one of those places that didn't see much traffic until dark. Those same six men met at the docks an hour later. A ship that had landed shortly before they arrived and they wouldn't have much time before people would start asking questions they weren't able to answer. It was a large ship by any standards. Rumor was it had been in one service or another since before the big oil crunch and while it was unlikely to have been around that long she had been captained by scores of men, each serving twenty or more years. For her the doings were normal but for Deets and his fellows the sight of this massive ship made then stop and stare in wonder. "I didn't know men could still build such things." It was unclear who said this, but it was something all were in agreement on. Deets grinned, "maybe they'll let us take a looksee after. Right now we got work to finish." With that they approached and were let inside with a minimum of fuss. They had expected something like the cargo area of their own airship writ large. Logical, all things considered. However even with that expectation they weren't prepared for the reality. A cavernous space one could have fit buildings in stacked floor to ceiling with house sized metal containers. "How are we supposed to find anything here?" One asked with more than a little awe in his voice. Another shook his head sadly. "What about moving... it would take machinery to get at anything here." in Answer they heard a loud whistle behind them and saw Jack at the wheel of a mechanical construct all spindly legs and cabling that reminded each of an enormous clockwork spider. "You guys take a break. I'll need all of you fresh when I get what I want picked out and unloaded. "But how will you know what's in th- oh... you." Deets went quiet when he saw Edward on a second spider-construct. "We'll be outside waiting Sir." "Good. See you soon!" With that the two groups went their separate ways. The whole time Jack lamented he couldn't just keep the two spiders. Not only would they not work if not given power from the ship's batteries, but he doubted they were terribly sturdy outside of their designated tasks. Jack's haul was loaded on specialized trucks with beds made to accommodate the huge containers. Trucks only he and Edward could drive, given the rarity of such vehicles and the expense at taking lessons but his crew proved their worth in crowd control. After all most of these containers were loaded directly onto rail cars for transport elsewhere and unfortunately wherever Edward went he was liable to draw a crowd. "What've we got?" Edward rapped a knuckle against the thick walled container while making low noises in the back of his throat. He and Jack exchanged glances before he motioned for the doors to be opened. Perhaps insisting the men were armed was a bit paranoid, but he had considered the matter carefully and thought the idea of stumbling on a Trojan Horse intending on keeping the port disorganized enough for an invasion was only a just precaution. He snorted dismissively at his own paranoia and watched the containers open. Jack had insisted he be among the first in since he'd have a better idea of what was valuable and what was to go on the resell pile. Theory went out the window when Edward called for extra light, not quite believing what he was seeing. Those around him looked quite confused, which was understandable considering most of what was visible wasn't something even seasoned 'salvage' crews were likely to see. "More light." Edward gestured. "Here." He gestured again. "and here." He approached the contents with deliberate care, enhanced senses working at capacity to give him a better idea of what he was seeing. "New?" He motioned for others to approach. "I didn't know you earthers could still build such things." Jack and the others looked from Edward to their haul and then to eachother. To them it was just a container load of random seeming parts with no real purpose that they could divine. "OK great, we found....something. Can you make any of it work for us?" Jack tried keeping his tone friendly in spite of the pang of disappointment he felt. If none of this was of immediate use he might be able to sell it as scrap, but he'd still be deep in the red with nothing to show for it. Edward grunted, "Some of it yes, but it will take time." Quick glances across the bits and pieces while his mind hurried through what he knew of the machines they went to. "I think we can even make a few improvements if this is what I think it is." He patted a... something. "Crystalline power matrix." He grinned in spite of himself. "If we can make this work.... no worry about fuel. Ever." Well, not in the next several hundred years barring extraordinarily heavy use. Several people in the unloading crew caught wind of this, and so rumors flew wild. a ship that could fly forever. Technology from another age. Horrors and Terror bent back to sane purposes. Edward would have cringed at the tales being spun around their find, but he was too busy with the actual repairs to care.
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