Texas Sized Trouble

Well. I have yet to find reason for the title to this story, so I might's well try fixing that now shouldn't I? I do apologize, especially to those kind folk that've decided to subscribe via kindle, if my writing seems a bit off. Family matters and a sick grandparent don't exactly a focused mind make. Still, things need doing and I promised I'd keep this blog updated, even ifI havne't made the schedual public just yet.

In the interest of pacing I shall not bore anyone with the following weeks as they were dull and eventful only in that in spite of Edward's claims to not know what he was up to the Lady Hawk was slated for re-launch for a shakedown flight 'soon.' Of course this is when and where we rejoin the story. Liftoff.
Julian ran his hands across both the ship's radio as well as his personal unit. In addition to fixing other people's electronics he had, with help from the local Wireless chapter, made improvements to both. He checked this and that to make sure everything was secure, working as it should, and was placed exactly where he liked since he had first shift after liftoff, and wasn't in the least disappointed.
Billy, Jack, and most of the rest of the crew concerned with the more mundane problems of getting a rather large passenger craft airborne weren’t nearly as leisurely. Too much to do and not enough time. Even though Edward was, due to inexperience, put with the menial labor even he pitched in. Soon they would be back in the air, though without cargo or passengers for safety reasons, where they belonged.
"Engineering ready." Deets's voice was clear through the ship's phone.
Jack pushed a button, one of many in the right arm of his chair, and got conformation from security, radio, and his other departments that everything was ready. He grinned in spite of attempting to put on a polished image for the photographers and journalists on hand. Hero, that's what he was called for his part in the rescue of Quark's Treasure. He'd tried getting them to give credit to his crew, but easier to identify a single person for the press to gawk at.
"Thirty seven feet up sir." The lady at the helm reported calmly. "Ground crew reports no problems."
"And the crowds?" There'd be a fine headline. 'Dozen's killed in freak accident.' Jack's grin faltered slightly at that thought but settled back into place when his thoughts turned to the day's flight plan. Short hop to make sure you're all better lady. Night back on the ground to make sure all's well, then we're gone. Where I don't know except away from- Well that's definitely out of place.
Several others in addition to him brought binoculars up to see what was approaching. Big, impossibly large for how far it had to have been yet it was no vehicle Jack had ever seen. Limbs instead of wheels propelled whatever was approaching. He hit a button on his chair. "Harken, get Edward to the bridge. Now."
"Aye." The line went dead and after Jack put the receiver back on it's cradle he looked over his bridge. "Anyone have any clue what that," He gestured to the observation window and the lumbering mystery outside, "is?"
Collective head shaking. Not a single clue.
"Well I'm sure none of you will mind finding somewhere to sit for the next little while. Don't know if it's friendly or not, but cannons make me nervous, especially when they're aimed at me."

Edward was running from across the ship when he was told what was approaching. Thirty years of study and I never thought I'd see a working example. He was stuck somewhere between joy and panic. A working example of a city destroying nightmare if what descriptions were to be believed. Even if it's limited to the kind of weapons everyone else has- He slid to a stop when he saw the crowd outside the bridge.
"Excuse me." Voice lost in the babble. "Pardon." He tried wedging himself through and managed to get to the other side without having to do too much shoving. "You wanted to see me sir?"
He saw where jack was pointing then saw what he was pointing at. "Ah." He spoke as calmly as possible. "We're too far up to get the press out. Yes?" Jack nodded. "Nothing we've got on board is going to make it even slow down, you realize that right?" Again jack nodded.
Edward looked about, noticing that people were watching the exchange between the captain and himself. He couldn't be open, not with them here. "Get Julian to hail them. Maybe they'll make demands."
"Aye." Jack's voice was suddenly grim. "If they'd wanted to just blow us to bits they could've sent people in and stuffed explosives in the envelope when we weren't looking."

"Unidentified craft." Julian was thankful he couldn't see what had gotten everyone else on ship spooked. "Please state your intentions. I say again Unid-"
"You will surrender your captain and your vessel to us immediately." Hard voice.
A moment for Julian to gather his wits and bite back several knee-jerk responses that sprang to mind. "Sir I ask that a meeting be arranged so whatever grievance you have with the captain can be discussed face to face. Maybe some sort of terms can be worked out." He sounded doubtful at that, people who were willing to discuss terms didn't send artillery marching down your throat.
"No terms. Surrender. Now."
Well that was a total wash. "Sorry cap." While he was talking to the bridge he swiveled to get a better hand on his personal radio and started tapping out a general mayday. "Whoever's out there isn't in a talkie mood. Trying to get help from the militia right now."
"Didn't think so, but it never hurts to try."

"Ground crew says we're clear." Their helm's officer, having gotten the message relaid by observers sounded happy in spite of yet another piece of highly insane and or suicidal flight ahead of them.
Jack nodded. "Alright." He glanced over at Edward. "Let's see what those toys you had put on can do."
Observers would have sworn they saw grates opening up along the sides and back of the ship's hull before the entire back end seemed to burst into flames. It was more complicated than that but how else is somebody who's never seen a jet, ion drive or something a little more familiar, going to describe what they were seeing? The entire ship lurched into motion, and then the chase was on.
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