Bit of silly. Brain's kinda flatlined creatively for serious work and even though I did intend Valk to have some comedy... it just ain't happening. Ergo to preserve momentum. Le'ts go with this one.

"Boing!" Something small and fuzzy chirped as it bounced on my head. I tried ignoring it, acting like i was still asleep.

"Boing!" Again the bouncing. When I say small it was actually about the size of a small cat. Wait... what? I didn't... crap what happened last night?

The creature perched on my head and sniffed my face. "I know you're awake." It was talking.

How was it talking?

more bouncing, and babbling and eventually I decided to push the creature off me. Well I tried. It just kinda floated out of reach. Oh well. I threw a blanket at it before getting dressed. Didn't care if it watched. Was cranky.

"Hurryup!" It squeaked at me, throwing things. My phone, hat, shoes. "You're gonna be late."

Late for wha- oh. Uh. Crap. Shoes, Coat. Laptop. Keys... keys. The furball perched on my head, jingling them in its mouth. "Not a toy..." I was still grumbly, not quite awake, but I was moving and going where i was supposed to go. Thankfully the car could drive itself and knew where to go, so i could attempt to get my head together. No sense making a presentation slack jawed and growly.

"Hey. Don't be mad at me." Woman, fuzzy and was an obvious human-animal hybrid, was sitting in my back seat where the fluffball had been a minute earlier. "I'm only here because you sent for me.
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