Burning Empires: Persellis

As promised, here is the world generated under Burning Empires. It takes the form of little more than notes, but it should be enough to give an idea.

Name: Persellis
  • Vaylen Disposition: 25/34/25
  • Human Disposition: 20/16/27
  • Location: Karsus League Outworld. Located on the fringes of the Iron Empires, Persellis belongs to the Karsus League despite its hereditary nobility. The nobility saw an opportunity to break away and took it.
  • Atmosphere: Alien-Life Supporting. The planet was originally a science outpost founded to study the incredible biodiversity of the planet. It isn't that the planet cannot support human life; the biosphere is full of plants, animals, and micro-organisms that are deadly to humans despite the presence of incredible technology.
  • Hydrology: Predominantly Land. Persellis is covered in marshlands and jungles, being geologically dead.
  • Topography: Artificially Created Environs. When it was discovered that vast amounts of untapped mineral wealth, ore, and natural aquifiers existed on Persellis, there was a gold-rush of sorts. It was then discovered just how hostile the planet's biosphere was to human life and the dome cities were built.
  • Tech: High Index. The technology index on Persellis has remained high because of the necessary business of surviving the planet. Technology was originally imported to facilitate the construction and maintenance of the dome cities as well as the extraction of the underground wealth the planet holds. The most notable piece of technology that exists on Persellis is the orbital elevator to Asgard Station, appropriately named the Bifrost Orbital Elevator.
  • Government: Noble Fief. Each dome city is ruled by a different noble family, installed by one of the Emperors many centuries ago.
  • Attitude: Ignorant. It isn't that the people of Persellis have not heard of the worm. On the contrary: they have heard nearly every rumor and urban legend regarding the worm, leaving them ignorant of the truth.
  • Primary Industry: Military Capital. Before the formation of the Karsus League, Persellis was an Industrial Capital that churned out items of convenience and vehicles. In the time since the formation of the Karsus League, the military has usurped control of the industries to produce military equipment.
  • Quarantine: Advanced. Medical machinery and industrial machinery are not quarantined. The nobles of Persellis regularly import new innovations in these areas in order to have their pet merchant leagues reverse-engineer them. More importantly, medicine is necessary to stave off the deadly micro-organisms of Persellis. Food, livestock, tourists/travelers, off-world labor, and cryonic machinery are all quarantined. They believe this will help them survive the worm.
  • Economic Regulation: Moderate. Weaponry and recreational drugs are unavailable in the economy. The nobles and military keep the general populace unarmed to prevent violent rebellions. Recreational drugs are unavailable because of drug interaction problems with emergency anti-biotics. Heavily regulated industries are the sex trade, immigrant labor, and military manufacture. The sex trade is regulated due to concerns over the spread of diseases, not moral concerns. Official state brothels service the serfs and slaves, the better to keep them stupid and happy. Immigrant labor is considered dangerous by the ruling elite because off-worlders may bring dangerous new ideas to the unwashed masses. Military manufacture is scrutinized heavily because the military wishes to have well-built equipment; inferior products get shipped off-world.
  • Factions
  1. Civilian Communes- An underground faction of communists seeks to overthrow the nobility in order to bring equality to the underclass. Unfortunately the communist underground is a front for Vaylen activity on-world.
  2. Indigenous Life-Forms: The native life-forms are many and varied and includes more than a few super-predators. Travel outside the domes is risky even with military escort.
  3. Kerrn Diazspherah: Persellis was one of the early human systems the Kernn stopped during their flight from the Vaylen. While the Kerrn have their own habitat areas in almost every city, they also have had enough time and resources to build their own dome city.
  4. Military Junta: The military junta has only recently come to power as more stories of the Vaylen invasion have filtered into Persellis. The last twenty years have seen the military junta seize control of the considerable industrial infrastructure and turn it to making weapons of war. They are now firmly entrenched in the military and government of the planet.
  5. Psychologist Foundation: Persellis has a long established Academy of Psychology, where some of the genetic research that lead to the Bright Mark was done in the days of the Empire. The philosophy of the Academy is to use psychology in the service of bettering humanity.
  6. Slaves and Serfs: Unfortunately there is an underclass of indentured criminals and serfs who are used to maintain the extensive dome cities.
  • Native Life-Forms
  1. Moorwen: A very tough and cunning carrion eater that does not wait around for things to die. (inspired by Outlander)

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