Caledon: Anton Berith

Here is another character generated under the Burning Wheel.

Anton Berith, Sorcerer
Anton was born in the fishing village of Ogen in the kingdom of Caledon, where he manifested the Gift as a young boy. The law of Caledon requires nascent sorcerers to be formally trained by the LeGuin Academy of Esoteric Arts and Sciences, so young Anton was sent off by his mother and father to Aurum, capital of Caledon, to become a neophyte sorcerer. While there, young Anton was tormented by an unknown entity that haunted his closet at night, claiming it wants his soul; Anton will never ever open a closet door at night as a consequence. Upon graduation from the Academy, he was selected as a promising young sorcerer to be trained as a War Wizard, where he fought against the orc hordes in the Grey Mountains in an extended campaign. Anton was treated badly by the Caledonian military, and consequently distrusts people in general. During his time in the military, he gradually became aware that the Lord Marshal of the Armies, Jerome Davion, was up to something, probably a military coup to depose the ruling Atreus family. Anton is currently on extended leave to return to Ogen for the funeral of his parents.

(The demon may or may not be real, but Anton is paranoid about it regardless.)

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